Business Class Flights to Italy

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Business Class Flights To Italy

There’s no country more suave and elegant than Italy. Seeped in illustrious history, Italy is present in our everyday lives, even when we don’t know it. For most of us, eating pasta or pizza is something we do without thinking twice about where this delicious food came from. When the Italians eat, it’s a ritual. Like the air they breathe, food is sacred. That’s not the only thing that’s treated as a holy rite in Italy. The sea, the sun, and the mountains are all integral parts of what it is to live in this important nation. Whether you’re going to lie by the water, or stuff your face with its famous food, you should think about taking business class flights to Italy. Italy is a glamorous destination, wouldn’t it be nice to travel there feeling glamorous yourself? Take in the luxury of more comfortable seats, with lots of legroom. Enjoy a snack better than any you’ve ever been given on a plane. It may not be as good as the food you’ll be eating in Italy, but as far as air travel goes, it’ll feel like a gourmet meal. Business Class Flights To Italy will have you feeling as glamorous as Sofia Loren or Marcello Mastroianni.

Italy Airports And Business Class Lounges

Rome’s busiest airport is Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, located in the capital city, Rome. The airport is the main hub for Alitalia, the largest airline in Italy. Leonardo da Vinci is the 8th busiest airport in Europe. Next are Milan Malpensa Airport, Bergamo Airport, and Milan Linate Airport. If you happen to be taking business class flights to Italy, you’ll be able to relax in one of the country’s airport’s business class lounges. Serving better food than the rest of the airport, Italy’s business class lounges are definitely a step up from your ordinary experience. It’s not just the food that’s superior; it’s the entertainment too. State of the art televisions will whisk you away as you lean back on ultra comfortable chairs and couches. A business center will be available to you, should you need access to a computer or printer. Any way you slice it, the business class lounges of Italy’s airports will provide you with top of the line amenities that will make your wait a pleasant experience.


Things To Do In Italy

Back when the Roman Empire was the major civilization of the world, few things were more important to its people than art. All these years later, nothing has changed. Italy remains the epicenter of all things aesthetic, and lucky for you, the old masterpieces are still around as well. Whether it’s Michelangelo’s David, or Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Italy’s collection of famous artwork will have your head spinning. Maybe that’s not quite enough for you. Well, take a gander up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or stare in amazement at Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. You simply won’t believe your eyes upon getting the chance to take in these artifacts that you had only ever read about in a book.

If you aren’t impressed by the art, there’s no way that the food will disappoint. We’ve all enjoyed a pasta dish, out at a restaurant, but you haven’t really tasted pasta until you’ve had it in Italy. With centuries of practice comes an attention to detail that’s unrivaled on the globe. Pasta is in the blood of the Italians, not literally of course, that would be cause to see a doctor. The way of life in Italy is to live well. Fast food is shunned. There’s no reason to eat a cheap chocolate bar, when you could be enjoying an expertly made cannoli. When enjoyment in the smaller things is the philosophy of a people, you can bet that you should visit where those people live. When you’re in Italy, it is your duty to go to the restaurants and enjoy the food with a glass of dark red wine.

No trip to Italy should be made without a visit to the country’s capital city of Rome. While in Rome, you’d be crazy not to visit the Colosseum. Once the arena for gladiators to do battle, the Colosseum is now one of the world’s most visited tourist attraction. Once inside, the iconic tiered seating encircling the center of the Colosseum will put you in the perfect state of mind to imagine life back in ancient Rome. It’s hard to believe now that people were forced to fight wild animals for their lives, in this very building. These days the only wild animals you’ll be fighting are the other tourists as you clamber to get the best photograph. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, book in advance to have the opportunity to explore the upper tier, which is available by guided tour only.

Getting Around Italy

Taking the train in Italy is a great idea. Italy’s trains are well run, and relatively inexpensive compared to other European nations. On top of their regular trains, Italy also sports high-velocity trains that run between the country’s major cities. If you want to shave some time off your trips, these super fast trains are a blessing. Low cost airfare is readily available between the larger Italian cities. If you’re taking business class flights to Italy, you’ll have a few options for getting into the city centers. Rome, Milan, Naples, and Turin all have subway systems. The smaller cities are all equipped with bus networks for you to get around. You may also opt to take a taxi. Remember when taking one of Italy’s radio taxis that their meters start running once you call for them, rather than when you get into them.

Taking a trip to a country that’s given the world so much is always an illuminating experience. You’ll get a real idea of the culture that’s behind some of our favorite foods and works of art. If you do decide to finally see this land where so much of our society blossomed, we hope you take business class flights to Italy, so you can arrive feeling like a million Lira. Even though, these days you’ll be spending Euros.

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