Business Class Flights to Belgium

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Business Class Flights To Belgium

Though small, Belgium is a country that packs a big punch when it comes to excitement and entertainment. Located in the middle of Western Europe, Belgium features a rich history, while also being a hub of hip cafes and modern art museums. And who could forget the food? With specialties like waffles and chocolate, you may want to pack a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. Follow your meal up with a mug of Belgium’s world-class beer, and you’ll be walking on a cloud. Whether you’re going for the medieval towns or the cool cafes, you should be considering business class flights to Belgium. By the time you arrive at your hotel, we want you to be refreshed and ready for an adventure, not grumpy and in pain from the seats you’ve endured flying economy.

Belgium Airports and Business Class Lounges

Belgium’s largest airport is Brussels Airport, located in the Belgian capital. Around 260 companies call it home, and roughly 20,000 people work there. Belgium’s second largest airport is also located in the capital and is called Brussels South Charleroi Airport. It doubles as a general aviation airfield, and is home to 3 separate flying schools. When flying on business class flights to Belgium, you’ll have access to the airport’s business class lounges. With amenities such as showers, televisions, and business centers, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, upon arrival. So you can walk the streets of Brussels or Antwerp with a smile on your face, rather than a scowl.


Things To Do In Belgium

Those who take business class flights to Belgium are likely to fly into the capital city of Brussels. When in Brussels, be sure to check out the Old England Building. Built in 1899, the Old England Building was originally a department store. The building is now home to the renowned Musical Instruments Museum, which deals with music of all kinds. With a collection of over 2000 instruments from around the world, the Musical Instruments Museum is a must-see destination for any music enthusiast. If you’re still in the mood for museums after that, head over to the House of European History, you are in Europe after all. From the major wars of the continent’s past, to exhibits about English football, the House of European History will give you a real sense of the rich past of this ancient continent you now stand on. The whole experience will take about an hour and a half, pretty speedy considering they’re covering thousands of years of Europe’s incredible history.

When you’re done in Brussels, we encourage you to take a quick jaunt over to Antwerp. Belgium’s biggest port, Antwerp is a trendy city that’s attracted some of the world’s hippest visitors. Sticking with the theme of museums, check out the Museum Plantin-Moretus, while visiting this charming city. The Museum Plantin-Moretus has been a museum since 1876. The building is a medieval wonder of architecture, and boasts a courtyard from the year 1622. Letting yourself take in the scenery will give you a sense of peace that you can take back home with you, long after you’ve left wonderful Belgium. The Museum Plantin-Moretus also features the world’s oldest printing press, a fascinating sight for any person with a curious mind.

When it comes time for dinner, make your way over to Elfde Gebod, a beloved restaurant that serves authentic Belgian cuisine. Try the famous muscles, or if you’re craving something more simple, snack on one of their delectable sandwiches. Not feeling hungry? Come for the large selection of wonderful Belgian beer. If it’s lunch you’re after, try Het Gebaar. Chef Roger van Damme is famous in Antwerp for his savory Flemish stews and tartars. At Het Gebaar, they’re meticulous about using only the best produce, so you’ll never leave feeling ripped off. Though the price tag is on the higher side, Het Gebaar is not to be missed. If you do happen to be feeling on the frugal side, grab a fresh baguette and a small brick of cheese from one of the many markets, and enjoy a picnic in the park.

Getting Around Belgium

Both major cities in Belgium have very reliable bus systems. Brussels and Antwerp also feature subway systems. The subway, or ‘metro’ as they call it, operates until approximately 11 P.M., so if you’re out late you may be forced to take a cab. Taxis are metered to determine fare, and tipping your driver is not customary. While it isn’t difficult to find a taxi outside airports, a great help when taking business class flights to Belgium, you’ll usually have to phone for one when in the city center. Flagging taxis on the street isn’t generally done. When traveling from city to city within Belgium, the train is a great way to go. Try to purchase your train tickets online or at the ticket machines to avoid paying a higher fare once already on the train.

Travel is food for your soul, and where could be a better place to travel to than a country that’s full of amazing food? Many of us have been treated to a piece of Belgian chocolate, yet few of us have pondered visiting the source of this delicious treat. And once you do visit beautiful Belgium, the chocolate will be just one small part of what you appreciate about this wonderful Western European destination. When in Belgium, you’ll realize that a cobblestone street from the middle ages can lead you to a hot new nightclub. A truly delightful and surprising contrast that you may not have been expecting from small, unassuming Belgium. When you do decide to visit this small, densely populated nation, we suggest you look into business class flights to Belgium. There’s so much to enjoy, that we’d hate for you to arrive feeling anything other than beaming with energy and enthusiasm. So, sit back and relax while you fly in style to terrific Belgium, and upon arrival, have a waffle with a piece of chocolate and a beer.

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