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Business Class Flights to France

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Business Class Flights To France

We all have our own reasons for traveling. For some it’s business, for others it’s pleasure. Then there’s the third reason, which is a mix of business and pleasure; the family visit. All three of these are common motives for those traveling across the pond to the United Kingdom. Whether you’re going to England, Scotland, or Ireland, these countries are steeped in culture and tradition. The oft-maligned British cuisine is not as bad as you might have heard. In fact, it’s very good. With world-class restaurants, the foodie in your life will be clicking their heels. Whatever you end up doing across the pond, you might want to get there by taking business class flights to the United Kingdom. By skipping past economy this trip, you’ll find that the intercontinental flight will feel no longer than a domestic jaunt to Boise. You’ll be treated like a king or queen, as you make your way over to the land that royalty once ruled.

France Airports And Business Class Lounges

France’s two largest airports are both located in the capital city, Paris. Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest and the airport you’re most likely to land at, when taking business class flights to France. Next largest is Paris Orly Airport, followed by Nice Cote d’Azur International Airport. Upon arrival, business class passengers will have exclusive access to the airport’s business class lounges. Once in these terrific lounges, you’ll realize what you had been missing, all those times that you sat slouched in a plastic airport chair. Sit instead on one of many fantastic recliners, optimizing your comfort, while you wait for your flight to arrive. Some of France’s business class lounges even offer video games, for the children and teens in your life. We all know traveling with kids isn’t always easy, but once they’re off playing Pac-man, all will be well in your world. Just imagine the silence. These perks and more are just some more reasons to take business class flights to France


Things To Do In France

The first thing you’ll want to do, when in France, is explore magnificent Paris. The stunning beauty of France’s famous capital is almost a cliché at this point. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth every second of your time though. Its tremendous architecture, incredible food, and prime shopping destinations are just some of the reasons why Paris is a place everyone must visit at least once.

You might as well get the big stuff out of the way first, and we mean big. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic structures in the world. When one thinks of a symbol of grace and beauty, one of the first things that comes to mind is this elegant spire. One option when visiting the Eiffel Tower, is just to stand outside and look at it, but that won’t do for the most curious of travelers. The most important thing to know is to pre-book tickets online, or else you’ll find yourself in a massive line of tourists. Elevators provide access to the three floors of the tower. If you’re feeling especially rambunctious, you can take the stairs as far as the second floor, after that, you’ll have to take the elevator to reach the third floor. If you get hungry following the hike, there are snacks for sale inside the tower. Once reaching the top, you can treat yourself to a glass of bubbly at the champagne bar. A glass of sparkling wine sure beats a mug of warm milk before bed.

After the Eiffel Tower, the next most famous symbols of Paris, is the Arc de Triomphe. Commissioned by Napoleon, the year after his 1805 victory in Austerlitz, the Arc de Triomphe is a sight to behold. Under the arch sits the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Built to honor the French soldiers lost during World War One, this memorial is worth reflecting upon. Be very careful when crossing the streets surrounding the Arc. Parisian drivers can be erratic and unpredictable.

Another knockout of a city in France is Marseilles. When in Marseilles, head up to the Jardin du Pharo, and take in a stunning view of this amazing city. We recommend you go watch a sunset, and take in the magnificent pinks, oranges, and blues illuminating wonderful Marseilles. Once night has fallen, grab a late dinner at L’Arome, the hottest restaurant Marseilles has to offer. L’Arome strives to deliver simple, sophisticated food, in a stripped down setting. You won’t find chandeliers here, but you will find delicacies that you’ll never forget.

Getting Around France

The very best way to get around France is by train. Though it can be more expensive than other options, there’s nothing quite like taking a train through France. If you want to save some money, an overnight train ticket can be had at a discount. The high-speed train known as the TGV, is more expensive, but will shave hours off your travel time. Local transit systems are fairly inexpensive and relied upon by millions of French people. When at the airport, the local transit is a good way to travel into the city center, costing on average about ten Euro. Taxis, on the other hand, are quite expensive in France, and should be avoided, unless you’re fine with spending big.

A trip to France is the kind of thing that dreams are made of. By simply sitting at a small round table, outside of a Parisian café, you’ll soak in the incredible feeling of what it is to inhabit this remarkable country. When you finally book that long-awaited trip, look into booking business class flights to France. When heading to a place as luxurious as this dazzling country, the flight should match. By flying business class, you’ll arrive full of wonder, and with a body and mind prepared to explore. That sure beats a stiff back and neck. So, get out there and enjoy one of the most storied countries existing today. Bon voyage!

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