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Business Class Flights to Cagliari

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Business Class Flights To Cagliari

Sardinia’s historic capital city is an exciting destination for travelers of all walks of life. With breathtaking, golden-hued palazzi, bustling city markets, and gorgeous sandy beaches, Cagliari has it all. Experienced travelers choose business class flights to Cagliari to ensure that they make the most of their visit to this fascinating destination. Fly to this unforgettable port town in the utmost comfort, with spacious seating, fabulous food, and excellent customer service, and arrive rested and ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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Cagliari Airport and Business Class Lounge

Cagliari Elmas Airport is located just a 7 mile drive from the Cagliari city center. Smart travelers who arrive on business class flights to Cagliari are afforded all of the convenience and luxury of the business class lounges. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will love having access to exclusive lounges before or after your flight. Unwind in the serene atmosphere and enjoy all of the top-quality amenities provided, from plush seating to exquisite gourmet dining. Travelers needing to get some work done can take advantage of the contemporary business centers and office facilities, ensuring optimum productivity.


Things To Do In Cagliari

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive on business class flights to Cagliari, is to have a cappuccino and a sweet pastry at one of the historic cafes, such as Antico Caffe dal 1855, located at the entrance to the Castello District and Bastione di Saint Remy. Visit the Museo Archaeological Nazionale, one of the four museums at the Cittadella dei Musei, Sardinia’s premier archaeological museum, with artifacts representing a span of thousands of years. Get your bearings of this fabulously historic city at the Torre dell’Elefante, one of only two Pisan-built towers that still stand, named after the elephant sculpture near the portcullis. Climb to the top of the 138-foot tower for an outstanding view, past the city rooftops to the sea.

Cagliari has a multicultural history that you can witness in the patchwork of architectural styles found around the city, exemplified by the Duomo di Cagliari, the city’s main church. Pre-Christian and Roman-era tombs can be found within the church, and the church’s façade was worked on in the 12th Century by Maestro Guillermo, who also worked on the famous tower of Pisa. Also not to be missed is the Santuario and Basilica di Nostra Signora di Bonaria, a religious complex that is an enormously popular pilgrimage site. Its basilica still acts as a landmark for returning sailors. The city’s most iconic image is Il Castello, a hilltop citadel whose walls contain the old medieval neighborhood known as Su Casteddu, where you can find many boutiques, bars, and cafes.

As a coastal city, Cagliari does not disappoint with its numerous lovely, sandy beaches, easily accessible by bus and car. Poetto is the most popular, and consists of a free section and a club section, where you pay a small fee for umbrellas, deck chairs and sun beds. Another smaller but equally beautiful beach is Calamosca. Be aware that during peak tourist season, the beaches get incredibly busy, so it is best to arrive earlier in the day than later.

If you would like to escape the city and explore more of the island beyond, Sardinia Is a natural beauty that has a lot of historic sights and interesting activities. Villasimius, located 22 miles east of Cagliari, is renowned for its many beaches, such as Spiaggia del Riso, Punta Molentis, Simius, Cala Burroni, Cala Caterina, Piscadeddus, and Porto Sa Ruxi, among many others. Barumini is located approximately 31 miles north of Cagliari and is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Su Nuraxi and the Nuraghe, a bastion considered the most impressive remainder of the ancient Nuragic civilization, who inhabited Sardinia between the 18th century BC and the 2nd century AD.

There are many fantastic restaurants to try in Cagliari, where you can relax and watch the sun set while enjoying a delicious Sardinian wine with your meal. Many of the restaurants of this coastal city understandably focus on seafood, and some of the best are La Pola and Luigi Pomata. Some traditional Sardinian recipes to be savored include su porcheddu, sa cordula, malloreddus, spaghittus cun cancioffa ae bottariga, and sa burrida. For dessert, don’t miss honey-brushed sebadas, pan-e saba and amarettus cookies. Some of the best wines to taste are Cannonau, which is the most popular wine drunk by locals, Carignano, Vermentino, Vernaccia, and Malvasia.

Be sure to stop by the historic Mercato di San Benedetto, which is a thriving, busy, and noisy affair. Durke, which means ‘sweet’ in Sardinian, specializes in old-fashioned sweets. Be sure to pick up some papassinos, amaretti di sardegna biscuits, and pardulasa. Pick up a souvenir or two from Intrecci, where you can find products made by local artisans, such as handcrafted jewelry, paintings, and ceramics. For the highly detailed gold filigree jewelry for which Sardinia is famous, head to the shop of designer Loredana Mandas and pick out a gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece.


Getting Around Cagliari

Cagliari has a fast and efficient bus and tram service in the city center and surrounding suburbs. Single tickets can be purchased on board, or multiple tickets can be purchased from automatic vending machines, Tabacchi (tobacco shops), and Edicola (newsstands). Tickets may also be found in other locations, which will be marked with a ‘CTM’ sign. Taxis are available but limited. It is not recommended to drive in the city center during rush hour, and note that it is difficult to find parking. The best way to explore Cagliari is on foot, and all of its main sights are located walking distance apart. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as Cagliari is somewhat hilly and most of the walk will be uphill or downhill. Biking in the city is not ideal as there are no bike lanes, and also because of the hilly nature of the city.

Travel to this historic seaside city on business class flights to Cagliari and rest assured that it will be a most effective, enjoyable, and efficient voyage. From the moment you begin your journey, travel in style and comfort with premium tickets. You will arrive in Cagliari feeling refreshed and ready to explore this fantastic city and take full advantage of all that it has to offer.

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