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Business Class Flights to Genoa

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Business Class Flights To Genoa

The gateway to the Italian Riviera, Genoa is a renowned city located in the northwestern Italian region of Liguria. Nicknamed la Superba – ‘the Proud One’ – because of its wealth of glorious landmarks, architecture, and importance as one of the major ports of the Mediterranean, Genoa never fails to impress. Part of the old town has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the city was even named the European City of Culture in 2004. When you purchase business class flights to Genoa, you’ll begin an exceptional journey to this exceptional city. With the best customer service, spacious and comfortable airplane seating, gourmet food, and access to business class lounges, you’re guaranteed the trip of a lifetime. Wise travelers agree that it’s the only way to get around.

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Genoa Airport and Business Class Lounge

Genoa Airport, also known as Cristoforo Colombo Airport, is built on an artificial peninsula 4.6 miles west of Genoa. It is the main airport for both the Liguria region and for Genoa and its port. Travelers on business class flights to Genoa gain access to the exclusive and luxurious facilities of the airport business class lounges. Picture yourself reclining in comfortable, plush seating, far away from the frenetic and busy main terminal. Atmospheric, calm, and rejuvenating, whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, you are sure to make the most of your time at the airport before or after your flight.


Things To Do In Genoa

The heart of Genoa is the old town, revered as Europe’s biggest historical city center. Visitors arriving on business class flights to Genoa will want to be sure to set aside enough time to explore the caruggi, the numerous, tiny, labyrinthine streets and alleys that make up this vivid part of the town, running from the city’s heart at Piazza de Ferrari, down to the impressive natural harbor. Walking around here will give you a sense of what life might have been like in ancient times, when Genoa was still the most important port of the Mediterranean. Genoa is a very thin city that runs for about 25 miles along the coast, and it is simply brimming over with fantastic museums and restaurants.

Be sure to walk up Via degli Orefici and grab a coffee at one of Genoa’s oldest coffee shops, Klainguti. Follow along through the Maddalena, a network of medieval alleys that will take you to the essential Via Garibaldi, known as ‘the street of kings’. Two of the palaces in this area, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco, have been converted into art galleries, housing many artworks by the old masters. The rooftop terrace of the Palazzo Bianco provides an excellent panorama of the city and the harbor.

Visit the 17th-century Palazzo Reale and its impressively gilded Hall of Mirrors, collection of fine 17th-century art, and terraced gardens. After that, you might want to head to the Palazzo del Principe, also called the Palace of Andrea Doria, which also has an extensive collection of mythological stuccoes by Perin del Vaga. The Cattedrale di San Lorenzo features a typically Ligurian black-and-white striped façade. Keep an eye out for the Royal Navy shell that fell through the roof of the building, but luckily did not explode. Primo Piano is a popular gallery focusing on modern and contemporary art.

The aquarium in Genoa is Europe’s oldest, and nearby is the Porto Antico (Old Harbor), which houses museums, cafes, and cinemas along the seaside. In Piazza Dante, you can visit what is said to be the natal house of Christopher Columbus. One can take very pleasant strolls on the surrounding hills and the 16th-century fortification belt built upon them, which can be reached easily by the funicular from Monte Righi. Alternatively, take a walk along the Corso Italia, Genoa’s beautiful promenade. Boat tours are also available of the port, and guided tours will teach you about the harbor’s rich history.

As a port city, Genoa specializes in excellent fish and seafood dishes such as fish soups, fried fish, stews such as ciuppin and burrida, and a seafood salad called capponada. Other specialties particular to the region of Liguria include pestos and focaccias, filled pastas such as ravioli and pansotti, a figure eight-shaped pasta called corzetti, savory herb pies like torta Pasqualina, and cima. The most well known local sweet dish is the Genoese Christmas pandolce fruitcake. Other traditional desserts are frisceu, castagnaccio, queresimali, canestrelli, amaretti, and gobeletti. There are many fine wines produced locally, such as Cinque Terre’s Sciacchetra and Rossese di Dolceacqua. In the words of the famed French scholar Fernand Braudel: ‘Genoa enchants me… is it possible to eat better anywhere than in Genoa?’


Getting Around Genoa

Getting around Genoa is fairly easy on foot, as the main sites are easily walkable from one another, and the famous caruggi alleys are so narrow that no vehicles can drive on them anyway. Driving around Genoa is not recommended, as parking is nearly nonexistent, and traffic can be terrible. Even driving outside of Genoa to the beach is not recommended, as parking is exceptionally hard to come by. Take public transit instead. The city is well served by an extensive bus service that runs from 4:00 am until 2:00 am. Be sure to check your routes and timetables carefully, as the system is known to be somewhat confusing. There is an underground that connects Brignole Train Station to Rivarolo, connecting many of the main tourist sights. Transit tickets are not sold on board the vehicles, except on Sundays, and must be purchased from newspaper kiosks, smoke shops, or underground stations.

Experience all the history and charm of this wonderful port city when you book business class flights to Genoa. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, there is so much to do and see in this city, you will have a hard time leaving! Make the most of your travels and enjoy premium service from the moment you purchase your business class flights to Genoa, and savor every moment of your stay at this spectacular Italian destination.

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