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Business Class Flights To Brindisi

Brindisi is one of many amazing cities located within the Apulia Region of Southern Italy. Legendary for the white-washed buildings, the miles and miles of breathtaking sandy beaches, the rustic charm of its countryside, and of course, the cuisine, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this lesser-known part of Italy. When you book business class flights to Brindisi, you ensure a convenient, efficient, and luxurious trip that you will never forget. Enjoy the incomparable, exclusive services, top-notch cuisine, spacious seating, and access to relaxing business class lounges, and arrive in Brindisi feeling prepared and invigorated.

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Brindisi Airport and Business Class Lounge

Brindisi Airport, formerly known as the Brindisi-Salento Airport, is one of two main airports that service the region of Apulia in southern Italy. It is conveniently located near the Adriatic Sea, just over 3 miles north of Brindisi’s center, 29 miles northwest of Lecce, and 69 miles southeast of Bari. Travelers who choose business class flights to Brindisi always make the most of their time in the business class lounges that they gain access to with premium tickets. With fine dining and supreme comfort, arrive at your destination refreshed and full of energy. Travelers who wish to work before or after their flight enjoy the solitude and convenient business facilities, which are conducive to high levels of productivity. Unwind and relax with television, movies, magazines, and books available for your entertainment before or after a long flight.


Things To Do In Brindisi

When you arrive in the region of Apulia on business class flights to Brindisi, take a moment to explore the small city of Brindisi and its palm-lined Corso Garibaldi. This port town was once the terminus of a major ancient traveling route, and its architecture reflects this. Note the sun-washed white column leading to the promenade, which stand at the end of the Roman Via Appia, once traveled by legionnaires, crusaders, and pilgrims heading for Greece and beyond. The Porta dei Cavalieri Templari is a portico thought to be the sole remainder of a Knights Templar church. Other points of interest include the Castello Svevo, the Aragonese Castle, and the Romanesque Duomo. Be sure to visit the superb Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezza, which includes around 3000 bronze Hellenistic statues.

You will be sure to want to visit the city of Lecce, known as the ‘Florence of the South’. It is brimming with gorgeous Baroque architecture with a distinctive, florid twist known as barocco leccesse (Lecce baroque). This can be seen especially in the façade of the Basilica di Santa Croce (The Holy Cross Church) and the masterful Lecce Cathedral on the southeast corner of the Piazza del Duomo. The Museo Faggiano is an incredible museum that displays Roman crypts, medieval walls, Jewish insigia, and Knights Templar symbols, all housed within a 12th-century Templar building. The museum stands upon tombs, a granary, a well, cisterns, and underground escape routes, all of which are also open to visitors.

Bari is another city well worth visiting, and is the capital of Apulia and the second largest city in southern Italy. Although it is also a very historic town, it is quite youthful and urban, and has an excellent nightlife. Bari Vecchia (Old Bari) is a gorgeous medieval neighborhood worth exploring. Be sure to drop by the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, which in fact contains the bones of its namesake (also known as Santa Claus). Otranto is yet another stunning city to visit, especially for its phenomenal cathedral that houses the bones of 813 martyrs, remnants of the Turkish massacre of 1480, and a jaw-dropping medieval mosaic floor.

If you’d prefer to get out of the cities, Apulia has so much to offer in terms of beaches and beautiful countryside. The region possesses about 500 miles of coast, and there are many spectacular beaches to be found along it. On the Adriatic part, the best beaches are Vieste and Peschic, and Torre dell’Orso, located southeast of Lecce. On the Ionian portion, you will never find nicer sandy beaches than those found between Marina di Salve and Torre Pali. Torre Mozza, Marina di Ugento, and Punta del Pizzo are all excellent choices as well, overlooking gorgeous turquoise waters. The Gargano National Park is an amazing park, home to boar and roe deer, with rich southern valleys where a wide variety of wild orchids grow. Apulia is also home to Europe’s largest salt marshes, at Margherita di Savoia, and combined with the protected wetlands of Le Cesine, the region is a bird-watcher’s dream. Be sure to seek out the trulli found in the Valle d’Itria: Simple yet enchanting 19th-century peasant dwellings that have become popular as holiday homes. Alberobello is considered the ‘trulli capital’, a Unesco World Heritage site where you can see a hillside covered with nearly a thousand of these rustic stone dwellings.

Apulia, and especially its region of Salento, is of course world famous for its local cuisine, and is rooted in the cucina povera tradition of cooking, meaning the food tends to be simple and delicious. Look for frisella, taralli, pizzette, puccia, orecchiette, sagne ‘ncannulate, and so much more. Other culinary treats include burrata, a luxurious cream-filled mozzarella, and dough balls known as pettola, which are fantastic when paired with grape must. Some favorite restaurants include Picton in Lecce, Torrente in Trani, and Gia Sotto l’Arco in Carovigno. Don’t forget to sample the delicious and renowned local wines!


Getting Around Brindisi

When you arrive at the Brindisi Airport, you will definitely want to rent a car. This region of Italy is known to have good roads, and main arteries link Bari, Brindisi and Lecce. There is also a rail network that links the towns, as well as buses servicing the region. However, the train and bus services are not completely able to serve the needs of travelers, so the smartest choice for getting around is to rent a car. That said, it is not recommended to drive around most of the city centers in the area, as the streets are very narrow and busy, and there is not much parking. Walking is the best way to get around the cities, and most landmarks are quite close to one another.

There is so much to explore in this beautiful region of Italy, and when you take business class flights to Brindisi, you’ll make the most of your trip. Whether you are heading to your destination for business or for pleasure, you will be traveling in the utmost comfort, with top-notch service, and the ultimate convenience. Savvy travelers agree that business class flights to Brindisi guarantee an excellent, exciting, and refreshing voyage to the fantastic Italian region of Apulia.

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