International Business Class Flights

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International Business Class Flights

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, traveling can be both an amazing and stressful experience. For some, seeing a new land and learning about a different culture is a pure thrill. Others would rather stay in the comfort of their own home. At home, you know where your things are, you know who’s around you and you certainly know the local language. For those who feel this way, traveling is a bit of a pain. It’s not that you aren’t grateful to see knew things, but it causes a lot of anxiety, regardless. For the avid traveler, they couldn’t feel more the opposite. To them, traveling is not only a privilege; it’s what makes life worth living. To be able to explore countries that a hundred years ago would have taken weeks to get to by boat, feels like a miracle. Whatever camp you find yourself in, one thing is for sure; taking international business class flights will enhance your experience. For those of you who can’t help but get stressed out at the thought of traveling, a business class flight will put you at complete ease. Having priority seating is just the beginning of how you’ll feel taken care of. After that, your only job will be to spread out in your seat, and enjoy yourself. For the travel lovers, taking international business class flights will be a special treat. You’d be taking trips even if you had to fly with the cargo, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a luxury travel experience just as much as anyone else. In business class, you’ll sip champagne in celebration of all the travels you’re soon to partake in. You may be too excited to lean back and get some sleep, so stay up and watch a movie on the extra large screens. You may consider yourself a rough and tumble traveler now, but by the end of this flight, you’ll be looking for business class flights wherever you go.

Business Class Lounges

One of the many perks of taking international business class flights is that you’ll be allowed in one of the many business class lounges of the world’s airports. Whether you’re waiting for a flight, or have just landed, you’re going to want to spend some time in these terrific lounges. You’re probably used to the usual airport experience. You arrive, go through security and find some hard plastic chair to sit in. If you’re hungry, you may eat a sandwich wrapped in cellophane that was seemingly made by a person who’s never eaten food in their life. The sandwich often involves a hard, plain bagel with old, cracked cream cheese, sparingly spread on it. Perhaps you go for the egg salad, either way, you get the picture. With the advent of business class lounges, the food options got a lot prettier. Many of these lounges have gone out of their way to hire gourmet chefs to design their menus. That’s right, they’re not messing around. So, leave the stale bagel on its sad little shelf and opt for the steak frites. Accompany that with a fine red wine, and sink in to the plush seating. Life is short; let’s not waste any of it by being miserable in an airport.

Comparison Of Economy And Business Class

Perhaps you’re still wondering if you should consider taking international business class flights. Let’s take a look at the differences between flying business class and economy class. You’re all probably familiar with taking an international flight in economy class. First, you wait to board. Depending on how far back your seat is, you may be waiting a while. Once you do board, you’re not there just yet, you’ll have to wait for those in front of you to find their seats and stow their luggage. You’ll probably also have to wait for some people to take their coats and jackets off. Waiting is a big theme here. You finally get to your seat and settle in. The first thing you notice is that there isn’t much space for your legs, especially if you’re a taller person. You put that out of your head for now, after all, you knew what you were getting into. It won’t be so easy to ignore on the fifth hour of your flight, though. Eventually, a snack cart will come by, and you’ll be given some pretzels or something like that. A bit later, you’ll be given your meal. Depending on your feelings about bad food, you may or may not enjoy the meal. It’ll be something along the lines of overcooked pasta with a weird sauce, or strange meat with watery potatoes. You choke that down, get up and stretch your aching knees, and then it’s time to land. Upon landing, you go back to your favorite pastime - waiting. You sit there as everyone else gets their things and gets off the plane. You search for your inner Zen monk because you know it’s going to take a while, and all you want to do is get off that plane.

Flying business class is a little bit different. Firstly, there’s no waiting. In fact, you’re the one people are waiting for. Don’t feel guilty though, you’ve been the one who waits enough in your life. You sit in your spacious seat with your legs outstretched and smile to yourself. Once you’ve reached altitude, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying some of the finest snacks you could dream of. Ever had a warm cookie on a plane before? Now you have. Then, perhaps you spread out and take a nap, or maybe you settle into a movie on your large, personal LCD screen. Your complimentary premium, noise-cancelling headphones will help you focus on the task at hand. You eat an amazing meal, as good as the one you had at the business class lounge, and then you land. Upon landing, you get right off the plane, and on your merry way.

Flying economy isn’t always a nightmare, but on a long flight, everything bad about it is amplified to an exponential degree. That’s why, in our opinion, international business class flights are the only way to go. Bon voyage!

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