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Flights to Germany: cheap business and first class

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About Germany for tourists

Reasons to fly to GermanyGermany is the largest country in Central Europe, and fortunately for you, we can offer you the cheapest flights to Germany today!

German climateGermany has a moderate climate overall, which is one of the many reasons that so many people choose flights to Germany for their vacation.

When to fly to GermanyGermany is a country that is great to visit at any time, but the Summer festivals are truly spectacular, making it an ideal time to visit.

Peak seasonThe Summer is the peak season in most parts of Germany, but you can find cheap flights to Germany even in this prime time of the year.

Germany insider informationDid you know that Germany is one of the strongest economic powers in the world? Get yourself on a cheap flight to Germany and see for yourself!

Germany airportThere are many airports that you could arrive on after your flight to Germany, but some of the biggest are Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf.

Passport/visaVisas are required to study or work in Germany, but most world travelers
find it quite easy to gain access as tourists.

Exclusive Business Class Deals To Germany


Berlin Business Class From $3294 R/T

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is a center of economic and artistic activity in the country. Some of the cheapest flights to Germany arrive in Berlin, and it's a wonderful city to explore.


Munich Business Class From $3438 R/T

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria and is located on the River Isar. It is often rated very high on the "livability" scale, making a flight to Germany a great choice for all types of travelers.


Dusseldorf Business Class From $3060 R/T

Dusseldorf is well known for its international business and financial activities, bringing many business travelers to visit on flights to Germany. However, the tourism industry is also thriving.


Frankfurt Business Class From $3023 R/T

Frankfurt is known as the largest financial center in all of continental Europe, which brings in visitors from all over the world on cheap flights to Germany.


Hamburg Business Class From $2925 R/T

One of the best known facts about Hamburg is that it is a major transport hub for Northern Europe. However, less people are aware that Hamburg is one of the most affluent cities in all of Europe.


Stuttgart Business Class From $3318 R/T

The tourism slogan of Stuttgart is "Stuttgart offers more", and those who arrive on cheap flights to Germany are likely to agree. A wonderful city to visit for all types of travelers.


Cologne Business Class From $3259 R/T

The city of Cologne has a majestic history, making it a popular destination for many tourists. With the recent abundance of cheap flights to Germany, you may choose to visit for your next vacation.


Dresden Business Class From $3309 R/T

A rich history is present throughout Dresden, and it was once known as the Jewel Box due to its lavish rococo and baroque city center. It's worth taking a flight to Germany to see for yourself!


Leipzig Business Class From $3229 R/T

Leipzig was recently ranked as one of the 70 most livable cities in the world, and this quaint location is certain to exceed all of your expectations once you arrive on a flight to Germany.

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Cologne Cathedral