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Business Class Flights to Dusseldorf

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Business Class Flights To Dusseldorf

Famous as the host for countless fashion and trade fairs and for its pioneering influence in the arts and architecture, Dusseldorf is an exciting and inspiring city to visit. One of Germany’s most wealthy cities and rated amongst the top most livable cities in the world, you’ll want to return to this city time and time again, to mingle with the locals at the ‘longest bar in the world’ or simply enjoy its awe-inspiring architectural marvels and scenic city squares and parks. When you choose to travel on business class flights to Dusseldorf, you will be provided with the best of everything, from spacious airplane seating, top-notch entertainment, mouthwatering meals, and the most considerate customer service. After all, why settle for anything less?

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Dusseldorf Airport and Business Class Lounge

Dusseldorf Airport is located 4.3 miles north of the city center, and with its three passenger terminals and two runways, it is the country’s third largest airport after Frankfurt and Munich. Upon arrival on business class flights to Dusseldorf, enjoy the serene and rejuvenating atmosphere of the business class lounges. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, you can rest, work, relax, read, freshen up or enjoy a gourmet snack or beverage. However you wish to spend your time, make yourself at home. When you are ready for the next phase of your journey, you will feel at ease and energized.


Things To Do In Dusseldorf

The city of Dusseldorf was mostly destroyed in World War II, so there aren’t a lot of historical buildings left. The city, however, more than makes up for the lack of old architecture with its vast array of fantastic modern architecture. Altstadt (Old Town) in the city center was rebuilt after the war with much care and attention to its original foundations, so you can still get a sense that this is a historic town. The area is a popular shopping spot, and at night and on weekends it transforms into the ‘longest bar in the world’, with over 250 bars, cafes and brewpubs. When you arrive on business class flights to Dusseldorf, be sure to sample the most popular local brew, Altbier or Alt, which is a dark beer served in small glasses. Other beers to try include Schlüssel, Uerige, Schumacher, and Füchschen beers. You can also head to Bolkerstrasse, Flingerstrasse, Ratingerstrasse and Kurzestrasse, which are all popular and perhaps less touristic spots to grab a drink. Be sure to pair your drink with some of the classic Rhenish dishes such as the Senfrostbraten, Rheinischer Sauerbraten, Halve Hahn, and Ähzezuppa.

Near the old town limits is the Burgplatz (Castle-Square), sitting next to the Rhine. The castle burned down in the 19th century, but one of its towers remain, which now houses a museum, and a café at the top provides a spectacular view of the river and passing ships. Also found in the Burgplatz is the Cartwheelers’ Fountain, which pays homage to one of Dusseldorf’s quirkiest favorite pastimes. Near the bank of the Rhine is the Pegeluhr clock, which indicates the current water level of the river, and the St. Lambertus Basilika and its iconic twisted tower.

The intriguing City Monument is also located in Burgplatz and was donated to the city on the 700th anniversary of its foundation. It documents many of the important events that have occurred here over the centuries. Historic City Hall houses the parliament and is fronted by a stately monument to Johann Wilhelms II, one of the most revered mounted equestrian statues in Europe. Standing in his shadow is another statue called the Cast Boy, which is said to honor the little boy who helped the monument-maker collect donations so that the larger statue could be finished. Keep your eyes open for the Pillar Saints placed around Dusseldorf’s center. Can you find all 9 of them?

The Media Harbor is one of Dusseldorf’s most recent landmarks, a newly transformed and pleasant area full of restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels, featuring an eye-catching patchwork of preserved buildings and ultramodern ones. Another location you should try to visit is the Rhine Tower, near the Media Harbor, which features a restaurant at the top with a 360-degree view of the city. Carlstadt is an artsy part of town just south of Altstadt, with many of its houses featuring baroque facades. Bilker-Strasse is a great destination for trendy boutiques, antiques, and art shops.

Dusseldorf is host to one of the most important global fashion expos, so of course it will be a great place to shop for designer finery. For some excellent high-end shopping, be sure to head to Königsallee, known as the ‘Champs-Élysées of Germany’. Some other good shopping areas that you should be sure to explore include Flingern, Pempelfort, and Bilk. A local specialty you might want to find and bring home is Killepitsch, a blood-red liquor infused with 90 fruits, herbs, and spices. Additionally, Löwensenf, one of the most famous producers of mustard, is based in Dusseldorf. Head to Düsseldorfer Löwensenf to buy it and even sample some of their range of specialty mustards.


Getting Around Dusseldorf

The city center of Dusseldorf is fairly compact and most of the attractions are fairly close together, so it’s a great city to explore by foot. For longer distances, the Rheinbahn AG consists of buses, trams, and a metro, as well as a suburban railway network called the S-Bahn. Tickets are bought from bus drivers and vending machines found at tram and metro stops, and come in several different types: short trip tickets, valid for 30 minutes or approximately 4 stops; A-class tickets, which can get you just about anywhere within Dusseldorf in a single trip; and day tickets, which are valid for multi-use until 2:00 am the next day. If you plan on driving in Dusseldorf, know that the city center is a low-emission zone, which means that your car must have an Umweltplakette (emission sticker). Rental cars should have this sticker included already.

With so much to see and do in this fascinating city, business class flights to Dusseldorf are a must for the discerning traveler. Enjoy all of the luxuries, exceptional customer service, and relaxing facilities that you deserve. Ensure a successful, efficient and unforgettable journey when you purchase business class flights to Dusseldorf.

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