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Business Class Flights to Germany

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Business Class Flights To Germany

Germany is a land of plenty. From delectable Bavarian cuisine to the country’s amazing landscapes, there’s something for everyone in Germany. Take a hike in the country’s incredible mountains or stay in the cities and fill up on the famous beer. Whatever your reason for making the trip, you should have a look at business class flights to Germany. Flying economy to anywhere in the world can be an arduous experience. With small amounts of legroom, and nearly inedible meals, any person is bound to show up to their destination feeling cranky. Make the switch to business class and enjoy fine meals, warm blankets, and service with a smile. Perhaps you’d like to sit back and watch a movie? Do it using the state of the art headphones provided to you in business class.

Germany Airports And Business Lounges

Germany’s major airports are Frankfurt Airport, Cologne Bonn Airport, Munich Airport, and Berlin Tegel Airport. When taking business class flights to Germany, passengers will have access to the airport’s business class lounges. If you want to know what luxury feels like, spend some time in one of these lounges. From fancy snacks to comfy chairs, you’ll feel like you’re really living it up. Feeling a bit groggy after your flight? Wash yourself off in one of the complimentary showers. Are you a bit of a gamer? Enjoy the newest video games and flat screen televisions. Have a big business meeting in Frankfurt? Use the lounges business centers. Touch up that important document that your boss is waiting for, without the stress of finding some sort of Internet café. How do you say, “My boss is going to be mad at me” in German anyway? No matter the reason, these business class lounges are just another reason to consider taking business class flights to Germany.


Things To Do In Germany

There’s so much to do in Germany, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to tell you. You should start in beautiful Berlin. Whether you’re a history buff, or you love to boogie down in the nightclubs, Berlin is the spot for you.

If it’s history you’re after, go to the Brandenburg Gate. A divisive symbol during the time of the Cold War, the Brandenburg gate is now a symbol of the reunification of Germany. Based on Athens’ Acropolis, by Carl Gotthard Langhans, the gate acts as the entrance to Pariser Platz, one of Berlin’s most populated squares. Once in Pariser Platz, Take a walk past the U.S. and French embassies. If you’re a fan of pop culture, you can take a look at the hotel that Michael Jackson famously dangled his baby out of, to the shock of many.

Should you get hungry while trekking around Berlin, stop in at Katz Orange. Bringing gourmet delicacies with a country twist, Katz Orange is one of Berlin’s hottest restaurants. Try the famous Duroc pork, while you sip on a cocktail from the restaurant’s extensive list.

Once you’ve had enough of Berlin, head over to Munich. The country’s financial center, Munich often gets described as a stuffy, snobby city, but that isn’t always true. Munich can be every bit as hip as rival Berlin. With nightclubs that don’t close until sunrise, you’ll have no trouble feeling cool in Munich, but first you may want a bite to eat. You have to check out restaurant, Fraunhofer. Not exactly what you’d describe as modern, Fraunhofer sports creaky old wooden floors and walls that look like they haven’t been painted in a century. That’s all part of the charm of eating in this classic German restaurant. While you may enjoy ripping apart a juicy leg of chicken, Fraunhofer also has a bevvy of vegetarian options. So, if meat isn’t your thing, don’t despair.

Getting Around Germany

Travel is the spice of life. Is that how that old saying goes? Well, if it isn’t, it should be. Traveling in a foreign land can enrich your life in so many ways. When you return home, you’ll be a better person for it. Your friends and family will be saying, “What happened to you? You’re so much fun to be around now” and you’ll say “I went to Germany”. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? When you do finally make the trip over to Deutschland, you may want to take business class flights to Germany, and arrive feeling fresh like a newborn baby. There’s just no good reason to get to your destination feeling mad at the guy who fell asleep on your shoulder. When you arrive in Germany, your attitude should be so good, that when that first sip of ale hits your taste buds, you jump for joy, and say “Hello Germany, here I am! Show me what else you’ve got”.

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