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Business and first class deals to France

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Paris Business Class From $3396 R/T

Paris exudes luxury and culture like no other place in the world, so find yourself a cheap flight to France and start packing!


Marseille Business Class From $2946 R/T

Located on the southeast coast, a visit to the gorgeous city of Marseille is worth the price of a flight to France all on its own.


Nantes Business Class From $3362 R/T

The city of Nantes is situated on the picturesque Loire River, bringing in many tourists on cheap flights to France to witness its beauty.


Nice Business Class From $3541 R/T

Nice is a wonderful reason to search for flights to the South of France, and the charms of this idyllic city are certain to never disappoint.


Toulouse Business Class From $3367 R/T

The gorgeous city of Toulouse features a subtropical climate, making it an ideal destination for vacationers from all over the world.


Lyon Business Class From $3360 R/T

Lyon is a major economic center where a lot of business travelers arrive on cheap flights to France.

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France is a wonderful country to visit on vacation, with a rich variety of cities, beaches and rural landscapes to experience. Many people think that traveling on business class flights to Nice, France is something that is too far out of their budget range to consider. However, we're here to tell you that Wholesale Flights has changed this for our customers, and we can change this for you too. Simply allow us to show you the incredibly low prices that we can offer you on flights to Toulouse, France or flights to Lyon, France and we guarantee that you will be delighted to see our results. Our customers receive the very best service while enjoying unprecedented savings on every one of their flights to France. You can now join this group of elite travelers to enjoy the finest level of premium travel at a truly affordable price.


Travel ideas


France is well known for its medieval castles, and many visitors purchase flights to France to witness them in person. The stunning architecture will create lasting memories for everyone who visits.


Winemaking is an ancient art form which France is famous for mastering. Consider purchasing a cheap flight to France to sample some of the finest wines in the world.