Business Class Flights to Toulouse

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Business Class Flights To Toulouse

Known as ‘La Ville Rose’ (the Pink City) because of its unique and charming pink terracotta-bricked buildings, Toulouse is an exquisitely enchanting city perched on the banks of the River Garonne. Home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites (The Canal du Midi and the Basilica St. Serin), Toulouse not only holds its own in European history books, but is constantly updating itself and staying relevant. Young and edgy while at the same time intellectual and innovative, this city has so much to offer. Now imagine traveling to this incredible city while enjoying copious legroom and excellent, top-notch service. Picture yourself basking in exclusive airport lounges equipped with every comfort and convenience. When you book business class flights to Toulouse, this dream becomes a reality.

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Toulouse Airport and Business Class Lounge

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is an international airport located just over 4 miles northwest of Toulouse. Travelers on business class flights to Toulouse enjoy maximum luxury and convenience in the business class lounge provided with their premium ticket. With soft lighting and an atmosphere of quiet refinement, you’ll love spending time in total comfort before or after your flight. Whether you are traveling for work or for leisure, know that you will have access to national and international publications, television, Wi-Fi, and ample space to work in solitude. With a wide selection of self-serve snacks and drinks, help yourself to anything you like. Bask in a moment of privilege and take a moment for yourself before the next stage of this special trip.


Things To Do In Toulouse

Toulouse has a small city center and most of the sights can be reached on foot. When you arrive on business class flights to Toulouse, allow yourself to be charmed by the cobbled streets and rose-colored buildings. Because no bombs were dropped on Toulouse during World War II, there is an incredible breadth of historical architecture that makes this city an ideal stop for foreigners wishing to see a typical old European town. Le Vieux Quartier (Old Town) lies on the east of the Garonne River and this right bank is where most of the sights lie. In the very core of le Vieux Quartier is the Place du Capitole, a stately square where you can also see the town hall. This is a great place to begin your exploring.

On Rue du Périgord, admire the 17th-century Carmlite Chapel featuring murals painted by Jean-Baptiste Despax. Close by is the Romanesque Basilica St-Sernin, which is a stop for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago as they pass through Nantes on their way to Galicia, Spain. Cathédrale Saint-Etienne is an intriguing collage of architectural eras, with construction taking place partially in both the 11th and 13th centuries, giving the impression of two churches being stitched together. Le Couvent des Jacobins is also a beautiful and interesting place, containing relics pertaining to Thomas Aquinas and featuring unusual columns resembling palm trees that hold up its roof.

Take a leisurely stroll around the banks of the Garonne and enjoy the lovely view and quaint shuttered buildings and cafes. You can also walk through the city along the Canal du Midi. The Musée des Augustins holds breathtaking Gothic and Renaissance artworks, including Rodin sculptures and works by local hero Toulouse-Lautrec. Les Abattoirs, inside a former slaughterhouse, focuses on modern and avant-garde art.

Toulouse is central to the European aerospace industry. The Airbus factory just beyond the city limits offers tours of the facility in English. Cité de l'Espace (Space City) is another aviation-themed attraction, which has replicas of spacecrafts, a planetarium, and interactive exhibits, and it is best suited for young travelers ages 5-14 and their families.

Head to Rue Peyrolières to search for some friperies (second-hand shops), and perhaps score some interesting vintage and antique finds. Along the Gambetta and the surrounding area there are many bookstores, comic book shops, and specialized book boutiques that focus on very specific topics such as music, cinema, and horror. Marché Victor Hugo is a must for a typical European market experience.

Due to its proximity to Gascony, Toulouse has a very strong reputation in matters of food. Saucisse de Toulouse, Cassoulet and duck dishes such as foie gras and confit are local favorites. Seafood is also a specialty. Try Le Poisson Vagabond, Chez Jeannot, or Le Carrelet. For an exceptional meal, head to Restaurant Michel Sarran, La Gentymagre, or Restaurant Py-r and order their three-course meals, accompanied by some good wine, of course.


Getting Around Toulouse

Toulouse is quite large, but the downtown historical center is comfortably walkable and is most certainly the greatest way to explore this fine city. There is a network of buses and trams, as well as a metro line, which runs through the city. Most of the buses stop running at 10:00 pm. However, there are certain popular routes that continue until 1:00 am. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines located at each tram stop, but bear in mind that non-French credit cards may be rejected, so always be sure to carry some coins with you if you are relying on the transit system to get around. Avoid driving in the city center. Parking is notoriously bad. If you are driving, it is often a better idea to drive to a metro station just outside of the downtown and then take transit the rest of the way to your destination. Bikes are available to rent and you can acquire a map of the bike lanes from any tourist office. In Toulouse, there is only one licensed taxi operator and it does not have a very good reputation. If you want to head back to your hotel after the public transit has stopped running, be aware that you could wait for a taxi for over an hour unless you book it In advance.

When you travel on business class flights to Toulouse, you ensure the most convenient, efficient, relaxing and enjoyable trip possible. Feel well rested after a long-haul flight with lots of legroom and premium customer service, and enjoy yourself when you arrive at this magical destination. The most discerning travelers agree that business class flights to Toulouse are the best choice for a successful trip, whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure.

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