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Business Class Flights to Nantes

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Business Class Flights To Nantes

Situated where the River Loire meets the River Erdre, Brittany’s capital city of Nantes was once one of the most powerful maritime cities in the world. A culturally and architecturally fascinating city known for reinventing itself, it simply brims with youth and vibrancy. Book business class flights to Nantes and experience this thrilling destination for yourself. Avoid the chaos of the airport and sequester in an ultra-convenient business class lounge. When you embark on your voyage, you will be in the utmost comfort with the finest services.

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Nantes Airport and Business Class Lounge

Situated just 5 miles southwest of the city center, Nantes Atlantique Airport is the third largest airport in western France. When you travel on business class flights to Nantes, travelers can unwind in comfortable, cushioned chairs and let the time pass pleasantly while surfing the internet on the complimentary Wi-Fi, or perhaps perusing the large variety of reading materials and entertainment options. Sip on a premium drink in the privacy of the business lounge, or take advantage of a free moment to get that last little bit of work done before you continue on the next leg of your journey. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, the business lounge has you covered.


Things To Do In Nantes

Nantes is known as the cultural capital of western France and is the gateway to the stunning Loire Valley. If you take business class flights to Nantes in July or August, be sure to take part in the Voyage à Nantes festival in which visitors follow a green trail painted across 10 miles of pavement, guiding them to over 40 city sites. Regardless of the time of year you visit, the main sites are all accessible by foot within the city center.

Old Town stretches over three dominant squares called the Place Graslin, Place Royale, and Place du Commerce. The city has but one tower, Le Tour Bretagne, which is a 1970s-era, 37-storey skyscraper rising above Place de Bretagne. From the top, enjoy the rooftop bar where you can get your bearings while imbibing on a delicious regional wine.

Many impressive churches can be viewed around the city, including the dramatic Cathédrale Saint Pierre, Château des Ducs de Bretagne, and La Chappelle de l’Oratoire. Also worthy of your time is the excellent art collection of Musée des Beaux-Arts, and the Jules Verne Museum, whose namesake was born in Nantes and who was likely deeply inspired by the city he grew up in when he wrote some of his most famous works such as ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’.

For some good shopping, check out Rue du Château, and close by you’ll see the castle known as Château des Ducs de Bretagne, which now houses a wonderful museum focusing on the history of the city. Rue Crébillon is a must for those wishing to perhaps take home some local fashion by labels such as Sandro and Camptoir des Cotonniers. Nearby is the 19th-century mall Passage Pomeraye, which you might recognize from its frequent appearances in French cinema. Marché de Talensac at Rue Talensac is also a fantastic place to shop for flowers, clothes, furniture, and food. Don’t miss the pâtissier Vincent Guerlais and sample the renowned ‘Bulle de Saveur d’Hiver’

The majority of Nantes’ arts and cultural happenings occur outside. Don’t miss the open-air Les Machines de l'île on the Île de Nantes, where visitors can ride an enormous steampunk elephant made of wood and steel and ride the vintage Carrousel des Mondes Marins. The island, located in the center of the city and nestled in the Loire River, is connected to the rest of the city by a series of 13 bridges. Another interesting location on the island is the Hangar à Bananes, also known as Hangar Maurice Bertin, which is an old banana warehouse that has been refurbished and now holds restaurants, bars, cafes, and more.

If you travel by car or train, there are also some beautiful beach towns very close to Nantes such as La Baule and Pornic. The Guerande is also worth visiting to see where Breton salt is harvested and it includes an exhibit that explains the process of salt harvesting.

Nantes is famous for wine and seafood, but perhaps most importantly it is considered the birthplace of the beloved crêpe, so be sure to treat yourself to at least one! For an especially local touch, try the savory buckwheat crêpes called galettes de sarrasin. For a truly amazing dining experience, try La Cigale in Place Graslin, which has been dubbed France’s most beautiful brasserie and that specializes in seafood - as do the majority of dining establishments in Nantes. For a night out on the town, head to the Bouffay area, the Place de Commerce, or Théâtre Graslin where you can find many of the city’s most popular nightclubs and bars. Definitely try a Breton cider, which comes in two styles: brut or doux. The local Muscadet wines are an excellent and inexpensive wine that pairs well with seafood dishes.


Getting Around Nantes

Public transit in Nantes is very good and consists of trams, buses and public boats called Navibus. The system begins operating quite early in the morning and typically ends after midnight, but there are also some buses that run throughout the night. Taxi service is infrequent. Cycling is a great way to get around Nantes, and there are bike lanes running next to most of the main roads, which are indicated by green arrows. Many side streets are only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. As noted earlier, seeing Nantes by foot is a fantastic way to explore the city and is made easy in the summertime during the Voyage à Nantes Festival. In addition, you never know what little ‘surprises’ you may find off the beaten trail when you choose to walk.

For an unforgettable traveling experience, mindful travelers agree that booking business class flights to Nantes is the best solution. Relax on your flight with ample legroom, the finest services and delectable cuisine. Take time to unwind or get some work done - whether you are traveling for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two - in the convenient and effective airport lounges. Whatever your needs, business class flights to Nantes are always the best choice.

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