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Business Class Flights to Poland

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Business Class Flights To Poland

There are some countries we hear about often, but never really think of visiting. Poland isn’t a top destination for the average traveler, but those in the know have been enjoying the wonders of this majestic country for years. If you’re tired of your usual vacations, this Eastern European gem of a country just might be the place for you. You may be a history fanatic, or a young, energetic party animal, either way Poland has you covered. It can be hard for some to imagine Poland as a travel destination. So often it’s been portrayed as cold and grey, but Poland has a vibrant energy that you’ll be happy to be a part of. Whether you go for the medieval architecture or its chic urban centers, like Warsaw, you may want to look into taking business class flights to Poland. Those who have traveled in business class know that the attention given by the flight attendants is second to none. It makes travel so much easier when you feel the attentive support of the cabin crew. Better service, coupled with the superb comfort offered, are two pretty good reasons for anyone to consider shelling out the extra money to fly business class.

Poland Airports And Business Class Lounges

Poland’s largest airport is Warsaw Chopin Airport. Named after the country’s famous composer, Chopin Airport is your likely destination when taking business class flights to Poland. Next largest are John Paul II Airport, and Katowice International Airport. If you fly business class, you’ll have access to the business class lounges that Poland’s airports have to offer. In these exclusive lounges you can relax, or if you have an important business meeting, prepare. For every successful businessperson, there comes a lot of preparation and study. In the lounge’s business center you’ll have the peace and quiet you need to ace your meeting or presentation. You’ll also have access to computers and printers, in case you forgot any important documents at home. When you’re done preparing, clean off in one of the complimentary showers, then get a massage from one of the on-site masseuses or masseurs. Before you know it, you’ll be able to go straight from the airport to your meeting with no added stress.


Things To Do In Poland

There’s a lot to do in Poland, so let’s start with one of its main cities. The city of Krakow has a magical vibe that runs through its streets. Like any old city, the balance between ancient and new can be thrilling. You may find yourself enchanted, walking the small stone-crafted backstreets, only to stumble upon one of the country’s hip new nightclubs. One of the first things you’ll want to see in this hauntingly beautiful city is Wawel Castle. One of Poland’s most prominent landmarks, Wawel Castle is open to walking tours, and includes exhibitions that will take you back in time to the country’s past.

Once you’ve taken in Krakow, head over to Poland’s other main city, Warsaw. Badly marred by the Second World War, Warsaw has spent a lot of time rebuilding, and boy has it ever. With an amalgam of different architecture styles, Warsaw is a unique and spectacular city. One relic from the past worth seeing is the Palace of Culture and Science. Built in the1950’s, Poland’s tallest building has been a controversial structure for the locals. For some a painful reminder of Poland’s communist past, the building now houses a movie theater, congress hall, and multiple museums. While it won’t win any awards for elegance, you won’t quickly run out of things to do at the Palace of Culture and Science.

If you get hungry, head over to one of Warsaw’s hottest restaurants, Warszawa Wschodnia. Located within a factory complex, this eatery is lauded for its contemporary takes on old world European cuisine. For those vegan travelers out there, head over to Mango. Serving vegan favorites like hummus, falafel, and veggie burgers, vegans and meat-eaters alike will leave satisfied.

Getting Around Poland

While Warsaw may be the only city in Poland with a subway system, you won’t have trouble getting around the cities of Poland. All of the country’s cities have excellent public transport. Buses, trams, and trolleybuses will have you covered, when it comes to getting around these cities. When taking business class flights to Poland, you may want to take a taxi into the city center. Taxis aren’t hard to get, and are relatively inexpensive. It’s worth knowing that taxi fares will be higher in the evenings and Sundays. Though the price will go up a little, taxis are still an affordable option at these times. Poland has a very good train system, however, it doesn’t reach every town in the country, so depending on your destination, you may have to take a combination of trains and buses. The price of trains in Poland is also very reasonable. Tickets can be bought online, or at a ticket counter at the stations. With low prices for getting around the country, you’ll feel better about having paid more for business class flights to Poland

Whatever your reason is for wanting to take a trip, it’s probably a good one. Taking a trip is good for your physical and mental health. Seeing new things, taking in new knowledge, and tasting new tastes helps a person grow. Travel will also help with your stress levels. Getting away from your everyday life isn’t a thing we always think of doing. Most of us are so wrapped up in the daily grind, that we forget there’s a whole other world out there. The next time you choose to get away, Poland is the perfect spot. With a long fascinating history mixed with modern sensibilities, you won’t regret seeing this wonderful nation. When you do plan that trip to this Eastern European escape, you’ll like it even more if you take business class flights to Poland. You work hard for your vacation time, and taking business class flights will insure that you’ll get the trip you deserve.

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