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Business Class Flights to Warsaw

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Business Class Flights To Warsaw

Poland’s intriguing capital has undergone an astonishing transformation in the last number of decades. From its incredibly tumultuous past, it has risen phoenix-like and recreated itself yet again. Gothic architecture collides with communist minimalism and modern ingenuity, all within the same city block. Its exuberant, youthful appeal is counterbalanced with a profound self-awareness of the past. Whether it’s the world-class restaurants and stellar entertainment scene, or the fantastic museums and landmarks that draw you in, business class flights to Warsaw are the guaranteed means of arriving at this exciting city ready for everything it has to offer. Your sumptuous flight experience, with attentive customer service, premium food and drinks, and irresistibly comfortable seats, make for an appropriate beginning to an unforgettable trip.

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Warsaw Airport and Business Class Lounge

Most business class flights to Warsaw land at Warsaw Chopin Airport, which is Poland’s largest and busiest airport. This airport handles nearly 40% of the country’s air traffic. It’s located approximately 5 miles southwest of the city center. Travelers flying with premium tickets will truly appreciate the welcoming and calm environment of the exclusive business class lounges. With amenities such as spa treatments, gourmet meals, and multimedia entertainment stations, you will love having the extra opportunity to relax and unwind before or after your flight. Business people traveling for work can expect maximum productivity with the convenience of the private workstations and meeting facilities provided.


Things To Do In Warsaw

The majority of Warsaw’s attractions are found in the city’s Centrum area, especially in the district of Śródmieście. This city has a complex and dramatic history and because of this it is not laid out like a typical European city. The most well-known, if not controversial, landmark is the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw’s tallest building. Erected in 1952, it was originally gifted to the people of Poland by the Soviet Union. Within, there are theatres, cinemas, and museums. Be sure to take the lift to the 30th floor for a spectacular view of the city from the terrace.

Take a tour of the Royal Castle, which is in fact a recreation of the original palace that was destroyed by Germany in WWII. The Great Assembly Hall and Great Apartment both feature stunning 18th-century décor, and you can view a gigantic ceiling painting titled ‘The Disentanglement of Chaos’, a re-creation of the original by Marcello Bacciarelli. The National Hall is home to six paintings that survived the war and depict various important scenes from Polish history. The Throne Room is also home to 23 impressive works by Bernardo Bellotto, depicting 18th-century Warsaw. These paintings were intrinsic to the reconstruction of the city’s historic buildings.

The Warsaw Rising Museum is arguably the city’s best and most popular destination. This highly interactive museum’s focus is the history of the heroic yet unsuccessful uprising of the city against the occupying German forces. The impressive Museum of the History of Polish Jews features many multimedia exhibits documenting 1000 years of local Jewish history. The Neon Museum has a fascinating collection of iconic communist-era signs housed in and around an old Soho Factory complex. Also highly recommended is the Chopin Museum, which also includes a lot of high-tech and interactive exhibits pertaining to Poland’s most beloved composer. The Copernicus Science Center is interesting to visitors of all ages, and is widely considered to be one of the best of such institutions in Europe.

When you arrive on business class flights to Warsaw, you may wish to pick up a few souvenirs. Vintage posters of Polish film, theater, and children’s illustrations are a popular choice. You can find these for purchase at one of Warsaw’s many graphic art galleries such as 40 Hoża Street or 28/30 Piwna Street. The anchor is a symbol used to commemorate the Polish uprising; you can pick up an anchor-shaped pin from the Warsaw Rising Museum gift shop. Vodka connoisseurs will do well to purchase a bottle of premium Chopin Vodka. Wedel is the country’s oldest and largest confection brand, so be sure to stop by one of their cafes found around the city to sample their famous pralines and perhaps purchase a box to take home. For your local arts and crafts fix, Capelia Souvenirs is the place to find locally made Bolesławiec ceramics, folk costumes, and Polish dolls.

No trip to Poland’s capital will be complete without sampling the local food. If you’ve never tried a pierogi before, you’re in for a real treat. These crescent-shaped stuffed dumplings come with all sorts of different fillings and can be boiled or fried. The most popular type is the Ruskie pierogi, filled with potato and cheese; other savory fillings may contain combinations of meat, cabbage, or mushrooms. There are also sweet pierogies filled with mild cheese and fruit. Bigos is considered to be Poland’s national dish, a delicious stew made from cabbage, tomato, kielbasa, honey, and mushrooms. Braszcz, also known as borscht, is a popular beetroot-based soup that you can try hot or cold, although Polish people generally prefer it hot.


Getting Around Warsaw

There are many incredible walking tours available for visitors that will provide an inimitable view of the city and its culture. You will be able to see things just by walking around that you would otherwise miss by any other means of transportation. When you arrive on business class flights to Warsaw, however, you may want to use taxis to get you from point A to point B. Be aware that legal taxi drivers will never approach you, so do not trust anyone who comes up to you in the airport offering a ride, or offering to carry your luggage; you may end up with a ludicrous bill. Legal cabs wait in designated spots. Always ask how much it will cost before entering the cab, and know that you may be charged extra if you require the driver to wait for you or if you travel beyond certain zone lines. Public transport in Warsaw is a good option, and route descriptions are easy to follow. The city’s metro is one of the newest underground systems in Europe and is thus very clean and modern.

People who arrive on business class flights to Warsaw are always blown away by the fascinating history of Poland’s capital. There is so much to do and see, so you’ll want to make sure that you arrive with lots of energy for your stay. Premium tickets will guarantee you a restful time spent traveling to this exciting destination, and when it’s time for you to go home, you’ll have memories to treasure for years to come.

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