Business Class Flights to Bulgaria

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Business Class Flights To Bulgaria

You may not know much about Bulgaria, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the top destinations in the world for those looking for adventure. And visiting a country that no one at work has been to, will make people actually want to look at your vacation photos. Located deep in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria features long, remarkable beaches, and illustrious mountains and forests. Along with its natural beauty, Bulgaria is a hub of thrilling nightlife. Whether you’re going to party or lie on the beach, you may want to look into business class flights to Bulgaria. The flight to Bulgaria is long in duration, which makes a business class flight make all the more sense. Why not be as comfortable as possible when soaring through the air? Get the service you deserve, on your way to an unforgettable trip. .

Bulgaria Airports and Business Class Lounges

Bulgaria’s largest airport is Sofia Airport, located in the capital city, Sofia. Its second largest airport is Burgas Airport. Located in the city of Burgas, this airport becomes very busy during the summer leisure season, when travelers flock to the picturesque beaches of Burgas. When taking business class flights to Bulgaria, passengers will want to take advantage of the airport’s business class lounges. Why not wait for your flight in absolute comfort and luxury? Sit back and watch state of the art televisions while you prepare to hit the clubs in Sofia. Have one of the many delicious snacks available to you as you plan which sandy, golden beach will be first on your list. Feeling less than fresh after a long flight? Enjoy a refreshing shower in these fantastic business class lounges that Bulgaria’s airports have to offer. Business class lounges are so luxurious that once you’ve been in one, not having access to them feels plain bad!


Things To Do In Bulgaria

Those who take business class flights to Bulgaria are going to want to witness the Black Sea as quickly as possible. Amazing seaside resorts such as Primorsko, offer an unbelievably relaxing experience as their visitors soak in the healing properties of the famous sea. Two of the bigger cities along the coast, Varna and Burgas, also offer breathtaking views of the sea within walking distance of their urban centers.

Bulgaria has a wealth of religious art that shouldn’t be ignored. The Aleksander Nevski Cathedral and Rila Monastery in Sofia are must-sees whether you’re a theology student or just an appreciator of great beauty. When at the Aleksander Nevski church, keep an eye out for the stunning architecture. Russian architect Alexander Pomerantsev designed the church in the neo-byzantine style. It’s magnificent mosaics and gold-laden accouterments are truly a sight to behold. The church is open to visitors, and you can witness daily Orthodox chants if you happen to be there at the right time.

Many hikers and mountain bikers flock to Bulgaria’s mountainous terrain. A number of trails allow those with sportier ambitions, the access to roam the Bulgarian countryside. The Stara Planina range is a popular spot for such adventurers. If skiing tickles your fancy, the town on Bansko, located in the Pirin Mountains, is renowned for it’s perfect slopes and absolutely sublime vistas. If it’s bird watching you’re after, Bulgaria has that covered. Pirin National Park is known as an excellent location to spot countless species of magnificent birds.

If you prefer city life to the great outdoors, you’re going to love Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Mixing old world charm with youthful exuberance, Sofia is a city on the rise. Away from its bustling center, Sofia is home to some of Europe’s most tremendous parks and gardens. Wander the vast parks, and if you get hungry, nestle in under a big tree and enjoy a picnic. Speaking of food, be sure to try some Meshana skara while on your trip. Bulgarians are cuckoo for meat, so they know how to do it right. Meshana skara is a grilled meat dish that will be sure to have you coming back for more the very next day. Unless, of course, you’re a vegetarian, in that case, go for some banitsa. A Bulgarian staple, banitsa is a mouthwatering pastry filled with white cheese, pumpkin, or spinach accompanied by eggs and yogurt. Once you’ve had banitsa, you’ll wish your local bakery back home carried it. Maybe you’ll be able to talk them into learning the recipe, but for now you’ll have to get it at the source.

Getting Around Bulgaria

There are a number of buses, both public and private, that run between Bulgaria’s smaller towns located on the Black Sea coast, and its larger cities. In Sofia, there’s a type of transportation called a ‘minibus’. Like a taxi, but shared with a few other people, the minibus runs routes between the city centers and their surrounding suburbs. When taking business class flights to Bulgaria, travelers will probably want to get a taxi from the airport. In Bulgaria, taxis are well regulated. Required by law to be painted yellow, and to clearly post their fares on the taxi’s windows, you’ll be able to know that you’re not getting a raw deal. Be weary of drivers who claim their meter is broken. They’re required by the government to have a working meter, and this is often a ploy to overcharge unwitting tourists.

Bulgaria may be off the beaten path, as far as typical travel destinations go, but its breathtaking beauty makes it a spot that should be on anyone’s bucket list. You can lie on the beach and watch the clear blue waves lap up against the golden sand, or go for a thrilling hike in the majestic mountains. You can be awed by the grandness of meticulously crafted religious art, or hit the nightclubs that Sofia has to offer. Whatever you do in Bulgaria, you’ll never forget it, and you’ll have great stories to tell. Though it may be a little farther than Paris, with the existence of business class flights to Bulgaria, that extra time in the plane will be a luxury, rather than a hindrance.

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