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Business Class Flights to Sofia

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Business Class Flights To Sofia

Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Sofia is a little city with a big heart. Located at the foot of the breathtaking Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria’s west end, it is quickly building a reputation as being one of the best capital cities to visit in Europe and one of the best places for start-up businesses in the world! Purchase business class flights to Sofia and see for yourself, while enjoying premium services and traveling in supreme comfort and style. Business class flights to Sofia are the smart traveler’s choice when they decide to visit this intriguing city.

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Sofia Airport and Business Class Lounge

Sofia Airport is Bulgaria’s primary airport and is located just over 6 miles east of the city center. When you purchase business class flights to Sofia, you gain access to exclusive airport lounges, so whether you are traveling for work or for leisure, you can enjoy the facilities to the fullest and arrive at your destination ready and rested. The facilities at the Sofia Airport offer a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Enjoy the quiet environment and unwind, or take advantage of the ultra-convenient, fully-equipped business center. Catch up on reading, shop the retail outlets, or enjoy fine dining and bar services before the next phase of your journey.


Things To Do In Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria is a city of paradoxes. At once a youthful, energetic city, it is also one of Europe’s oldest cities, being host to human habitation since 7000 BC. One of its main characteristics is this sense of the ‘eclectic’, with a cityscape dotted with onion-dome churches, ottoman mosques and communist monuments from the not-too-distant past. When you purchase your business class flights to Sofia, prepare yourself for many delightful surprises.

Meander along the yellow brick roads of the fascinating city center and find yourself face-to-face with the partially exposed 1,800-year-old ruins of an ancient Roman city that lies directly under Sofia. Go to the underpass between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency, go down the stairs and you can walk on an original Roman street, the remains of the East Gate of Serdica. There is also the 4th century Rotunda of St. George, and the partially preserved Amphitheatre of Serdica, where you can even treat yourself to an hour-long Bulgarian rose massage within the 3rd-century ruins!

Perhaps the most famous of Sofia’s historical buildings is the Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, which can hold up to 10,000 worshippers and contains 12 bells in its tower, which are still rung by hand. Some other notable churches are the Sveta Sofia church, the Boyana church, and the Church of St. George. Another key feature of this lovely city is its many parks: Boris’ Garden, which is the oldest, City Garden, the oasis-like Sofia University Botanic Garden, South Park Sofia, Park National Palace of Culture and Knyashenka Garden.

Besides business, one of the primary reasons people visit Sofia is for the many impressive and unique museums and galleries located in this city. These include the National History Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Earth and Man National Museum. The National Gallery for Foreign Art has several one-of-a-kind collections, such as the Poetic Reality collection. The National Art Gallery, located on Battenberg Square and occupying most of the edifice of the former royal palace of Bulgaria, showcases over 50,000 pieces of Bulgarian art.

There is a lot of fantastic local cuisine that you cannot miss on your trip to Sofia. Try the mouth-watering banitsa pastry, kebapche, and shopska salata, as well as the many regional soups such as shkembe chorba and tarator. Some suggestions for authentic dining include MoMa Bulgarian Food & Wine, Manastirska Magernitsa, and SkaraBar 2. Try some good Bulgarian wine, especially the full-bodied Melnik wine and rakiya. Many shops downtown will have these on offer.

As a youthful city, it’s no surprise that Sofia is known to come alive at night and so no trip to this town will be complete without partaking in the nightlife. Most of the bars are concentrated around Vitosha Boulevard and around the Sofia University. Try Memento on Rakovksi Street, the Tobacco Garden Bar, or the Black Label Whisky Bar, which used to be a military club. A music and dance-loving city, there are many options for live entertainment, but make sure to take in some chalga – a local phenomenon – at a club such as Night Flight, Sin City, Biad, Nia Club, or Review.

There are also plenty of opportunities for shopping in Sofia. Alexander Nevski square is host to a market where you can pick up souvenirs such as icon reproductions, dolls, ceramics, and jewelry. If you’d like to buy some fine art, head to Art Street Samuil, where you can find many art galleries and museums with items for purchase. Vitosha Boulevard is where you can find all your designer label items, and Pirotska Street, Rakovska Street, and Graf Ignatiev Street all contain many boutiques waiting to be discovered.


Getting Around Sofia

Sofia is a very small city, so it’s easy to walk around and take it all in. The city does have a public transit system that includes trams, buses, and trolleys, but there is no night service. There is a single metro line, which provides even more views of some of the ancient ruins. The city also has a fleet of privately-run blue minibuses or marshrutki you can hail from anywhere and that drop you off by request. But be wary of taxis. Any taxi you use should be yellow and operated by meter. Non-official taxis have a bad reputation for overcharging foreigners, and remember that legitimate taxi charges should be very inexpensive. Navigating through Sofia can be difficult, even with a map, as street names outside the city center are mostly written in Cyrillic. Also worthy of note is that when Bulgarian drivers flash their lights, it means ‘get out of the way’.

Whether you are traveling for work, pleasure, or even for both, by booking business class flights to Sofia, you ensure you will be making the most of your trip to this delightful and surprising city. Enjoy yourself, experience the finest comforts and conveniences, and be treated to the best in customer service by purchasing premium tickets. You’ll be able to rest assured that you will arrive ready and energized for your time in the exciting city of Sofia.

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