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Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank is amazing! I don’t typically write online reviews but I felt compelled to do so here. Frank was responsive and attentive, was willing to work with me in figuring out a complex and multi-leg trip, and found great prices. The trip went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Frank. He is great!!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank has been a wonderful asset in finding business flights for me at unbeatable prices. He is patient and efficient. Thanks you Frank!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

I am surprised to not see Frank's name at the top of your reviews list. He is right on top of his game and was quick and accurate when we changed our travel plans with him, and he is clear in communication and unstintingly pleasant. Thank you Frank!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

you're powerful

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

I highly recommend Frank to handle all your European flights. He has helped me plan an itinerary that is just what I wanted for my dream trip. He is a PRO!!!!! Five gold stars definitely!!! Thank You!!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

frank, is really great and fast at getting me the best flights and the best seats. along with the best airlines Its easy to call and book right away. The pricing is also great and he is always there to get me there.
thanks frank

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

My experience with Wholesale Flights was excellent! Frank Krimotat was very informative and very quick to book the perfect flights. He too was excellent! I would highly recommend.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank was extremely helpful and precise in all of his statements.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank quickly work with us to get an excellent price on our trip to London. I am so please with the service, that I am recommend Wholesale-Flight to my daughter who is joining us in the U.K.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Personable, knowledgeable, persistent in chasing down our needs and wants. Great to work with. Looking forward to doing it again. Thanks Frank.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

A true Professional Gem - Great to work with - great voice that really says you can trust what he says!

Will do more business with Wholesale Flights because of Frank!

Thanks Frank!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

My staff simply says, Call FRANK the "FLIGHT MAGICIAN".

Always the best Rates.
Best seats on the best planes.
Calls, emails or texts in a matter of minutes.

Frank K. is THE go to guy for International Travel.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank is diligent, trustworthy and responsive. Represents himself and the company well. A professional.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank is always very professional, helpful and proactive, making booking process extremely easy and quick.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Excellent service and help with an international flight that required rebooking and adding a person. Highly recommend.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

To Whom It May Concern:

Just wanted to let you know that I had not only a delightful but also most professional experience with Frank Krimotat, a business travel consultant.

Frank was precise, concise and very resourceful. Having been traveling for years I had to highly recommend Frank's efficient services.

Needless to say, that I will certainly recommend him to all my traveling friends.

Thanks again and kindest regards,


Veronica R Rau

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank was great. I was worried that company might be a scam. It is not. After dealing with expedia for hours Frank booked exactly the flight I want when I want with ease. I will recommend this service to everyone who flies abroad the only reason not 5stars I s cause nothing in life is really perfect

Thank you Frank.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

How I randomly found Frank looking for flights to Italy, was a blessing! I feel like I was the biggest pain trying to book a flight for four people in business class with everyone in my ear wanting specific things. Frank was extremely patient, and even stayed on the phone for a long time while we were on speaker with three other people trying to figure this out! Oh, and I believe he was on his cell phone, out of the office during the time of chaos. He got us a super deal, made sure we were happy,
and followed though very quickly! LOVE him, and the next time we travel, I have his number on speed dial! Thanks Frank, you are awesome!

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank has been a pleasure to work with. I have traveled extensively worldwide over the past 30 years and have work with many booking agents. Frank is very efficient and professional. He listens to and remembers my preferences and ensures that they are met if possible. He provides great feedback and works with me to explore and find the best flight package to meet schedule demands and constraints while being conscious of budget restrictions if needed.

Booking Agent: Frank Krimotat

Frank was excellent to work with. he was able to find me great flights to Rome and back that met my schedule and budget. The price I received from Whole Sale flights was significantly lower than anywhere else that I looked. Frank was very responsive to my questions and available quickly when I needed him. The whole process was quick and efficient. I will definetly recommend this company and frank to others.