Business Class Flights to Turkey

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Business Class Flights To Turkey

If you’ve been to Europe, you know that there are so many varieties of culture to choose from. In France, you can eat wine and cheese, and climb the Eiffel Tower. In Germany, you can sip from steins full of some of the world’s greatest beers. In Greece, you can sit by the Mediterranean Sea, enjoying a bowl of olives. But what is Turkey all about? Turkey is a lot of different things. Its tall, majestic mountains and long, golden beaches will wow you. The food, a product of recipes that are thousands of years old, will astound you. This breathtaking country is what you want, when you want it. If you are pondering a trip to this Eastern European destination, you may want to think about taking business class flights to Turkey. With flights that can be quite lengthy, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the plane. Why not make it quality time, instead of 10 straight hours of a stranger sleeping on your shoulder? Why not enjoy the food being served up to you? We all know that comedian, Jerry Seinfeld is famous for his airline food jokes, but we want you to know that mid-flight cuisine doesn’t have to be a punch line.

Turkey Airports and Business Class Lounges

Turkey’s largest airport is Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Located on the European side of Istanbul, this airport is a likely landing spot for those taking business class flights to Turkey. When you fly business class, one of the nice perks is that you’ll be allowed access to the business class lounges located in Turkey’s airports. In these fantastic oases, you can sit back on seating that you’ll swear is too nice for an airport. While relaxing, enjoy watching television, playing videogames, or even getting a shoulder rub from a registered massage therapist. There’s no shortage of ways to pass the time while waiting in one of these exclusive lounges.


Things To Do In Turkey

When you take business class flights to Turkey, you’ll have a good time in the air, but then what? You won’t be wondering for long. Turkey has an almost infinite possibility of activities. The first place you’ll want to see is the amazing city of Istanbul. Split between two continents, Istanbul is the cultural and economic center of Turkey. Most of what you’ll want to enjoy is on the European side of Istanbul, but you’d be remiss to not see what the Asian side has to offer as well. Sporting a population of over 14 million, Istanbul is Europe’s most populous city. But having a large population isn’t its only grand achievement. The city is one of the most visited in the world. Needless to say, you won’t be alone in exploring spectacular Istanbul.

There are almost too many attractions for a tourist to choose from in this booming city, but you have to start somewhere. We recommend that you start at the Aya Sofya. Widely heralded as arguably the most important landmark in all of Turkey, Aya Sofya is a stunner. The Byzantine emperor, Justinian, commissioned Aya Sofya as a church way back in the year 537. Now acting as a museum, its multiple stories hold many ancient treasures.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, perusing the museum, head over to Deraliye. Hungary is known for its unbelievable food, and you’ll find no better purveyor of Hungarian cuisine than this fantastic restaurant. Serving dishes that date back to the Ottoman Empire, your taste buds will be thanking you for bringing them here. From goose kebab to lamb stew; it may take a minute to get used to the different flavors offered up. You won’t be discombobulated for long though, once you get a taste, you’ll be looking for Hungarian food everywhere you go. Don’t forget to bask in the selection of tremendous wines, or if you’re a teetotaler, enjoy some of their famous pomegranate juice.

Ankara is another brilliant city located in this ancient country. While it isn’t as flashy as its big brother, Istanbul, Ankara is full of youthful energy. Without the pressure of being the biggest attraction, the city is home to edgy art galleries, and vibrant nightclubs. Acting as Turkey’s capital, Ankara is also home to incredible monuments, and interesting government buildings.

Getting Around Turkey

Turkey is a vast country, so its people are well equipped to get around it. Boasting a multitude of domestic travel options, you’ll sometimes be left wondering which is the best way to go. The country’s main airline is Turkish Airlines. While they fly internationally, they also make domestic trips. More and more people are choosing to fly within Turkey. Due to the fact that the price of flights has dropped significantly in recent years, many Turks have taken to this mode of transport. Renting a car is not recommended for the feint of heart. Known for its sometimes-chaotic roadways, Turkey can be a very challenging place to drive for the uninitiated. With drivers paying little heed to road signs, you won’t always know what you’re supposed to do to get along. If you’re still bent on taking the challenge, remember that gas is very expensive in Turkey at the moment, so it won’t be a cheap trip. When taking business class flights to Turkey, trams are conveniently located at the major airports and will readily take you into the city centers. Buses are a popular method of transport in Turkey, and are an effective way to get around. Both long haul and city buses are an affordable way to reach your desired destination. Young, adventurous travelers may want to consider renting an electric scooter to see the magnificent cities at their own pace.

Turkey is a lasting memory for anyone who’s traveled there. The thrill of being able to span two continents in one day is one that you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about. We hope that you enjoy your time there if you choose to go, and we hope the journey is just as pleasant. By taking business class flights to Turkey, we think it will be.

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