Business Class Flights to Romania

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Business Class Flights To Romania

Europe is a stunning continent. That’s why it’s traveled to with such regularity. It seems as though every country located on the continent has something uniquely inspiring to show you. No exception can be made when it comes to the Eastern European nation of Romania. Old world charm meets modern restaurants and nightclubs in this bastion of good taste. Whether traveling to Bucharest or Sibiu, you’ll have to choose whether to dive into the vibrant nightlife, or explore the beautiful landscapes. Either way, you’ll be glad you came to Romania. You’ll be especially happy if you choose to take business class flights to Romania. Business class was designed to optimize your good feelings as you soar through the air. For a long time now, you may have been instinctually opting for economy class flights. A lot of people do, we’re conditioned to save money where we can. The problem with that philosophy is that we sometimes can’t see the forest through the trees. That is to say, we don’t look at the big picture of what flying economy does to our body and mind. For some people, it may not affect them as much, but if you’re starting to wonder, now might be the time to try business class flights to Romania.

Romania Airports and Business Class Lounges

The busiest airport in Romania, and the one you’re most likely to land in when taking business class flights to Romania, is the Henri Coanda International Airport. Located in the capital city of Bucharest, this international airport has grown steadily since it started expanding in the 1990s. The next busiest airports are Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport, and Traian Vuia International Airport. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to pronounce them to fly into them. When flying business class, passengers will have access to the business class lounges located in Romania’s airports. In the business class lounges, travelers will be treated to an airport experience they had never known existed. Those who are tired of the same old rubbery airport food will be enlivened by the cuisine on offer in these lounges. Feel like steak tartar? Chances are you’ll be able to find it on the menu. Like many of us, you may find yourself needing to wash up after a long flight. After all, the flight to Romania is longer than your average jaunt to Carson City. Well, your wish will come true when you step into the business class lounge’s complimentary showers. Maybe you have no needs, and just want a good place to kick your feet up, and read about this weeks sport scores. Look no further, you’ll leave the airport all caught up on your favorite basketball team.


Things To Do In Romania

If we’re talking about what to do in Romania, we have to start with the capital city of Bucharest. You may have been taught to be weary of this former communist stronghold, but you needn’t worry when pounding the pavement of Bucharest. As elegant as it is dark and mysterious, this Eastern European diamond in the rough is an adventure waiting to happen. While you may be tempted to head immediately to nearby Transylvania, you really should spend some quality time in Bucharest. Still showing the signs of its communist past, some of the city’s architecture is drab and grey. If you dig a little further though, you’ll find spectacular 18th century, art nouveau buildings. After you tour the city, head over to Caru’ cu Bere. A rustic beer house that feels almost as old as the city itself, Caru’ cu Bere serves classic Romanian food, as well as hearty European ales. A favorite of tourists and locals alike, be sure to make reservations for this hot spot.

Now it’s time to make your way to a little known culture hub, the city of Cluj-Napoca. While you may never have heard of it, Cluj-Napoca is actually Romania’s second largest city. Known colloquially as Cluj, this center of art, music, and nightlife is quickly becoming a travel destination. With more and more flights connecting it to the major cities, we wouldn’t be surprised to see people flocking to this enchanting town in the coming years. From stunning churches like the Parcul Etnografic Romulus Vuia, to world-class art galleries like the Fabrica de Pensule, you won’t be disappointed by this city. Speaking of the Fabrica de Pensule, this unique gallery deserves a deeper look. Doubling as studios for local artists, this innovative setup allows for onlookers to watch as the art being presented is actually created. This is no cheap gimmick though, the Fabrica de Pensule features some of Eastern Europe’s most evocative and haunting pieces. If you’ve been to stuffy art galleries housing only the greats, this place of creativity will show you just how edgy the art scene can be. You won’t see any Van Gogh paintings here, but that’s the point. Discovering what is new, rather than seeing the same old thing again. You just might fall in love with the work of an unknown artist, just like Vincent once was.

Getting Around Romania

When taking business class flights to Romania, you’ll find that the country has a comprehensive public transit system consisting of buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Bucharest is the only city in Romania that has a subway system. All of these methods of travel are reasonably priced, so you’ll feel free to explore as you wish. Taxis are a great option because of their cheap prices. All taxis must post their rates on their windows, so you know what you’re getting into before you get into it. Familiarize yourself with the going rate, and watch for drivers looking to charge more. You can always wait for another taxi. While you’ll be able to flag them down, you’re better off calling taxis to ensure that they’re from a legitimate business.

With all the options of places to go, it can be difficult to choose a destination. If you’re looking to go somewhere a bit more off the beaten path, take business class flights to Romania, and soak in the extraordinary culture.

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