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Business Class Flights to Norway

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Business Class Flights To Norway

So you’ve decided that it’s time for a vacation. You’re keen on Europe, but you’ve been to all the usual tourist destinations. You’ve sipped wine in Paris, laid eyes upon the Trevi Fountain in Rome, even biked around the Netherlands. It may be time for you to explore Norway. Located in Scandinavia, Norway isn’t your obvious run-of-the-mill travel destination, but those who do go are always impressed. Whether visiting in the summer or winter, Norway offers activities for both the nature lover in your family, and the urbanite. If you are thinking of making the trek over to this illustrious land, you should look at taking business class flights to Norway. The trip to Norway can be long and uncomfortable, so having the peace of mind of business class seats can go a long way. Obviously business class flights are more expensive, but does that mean they aren’t worth it? That’s a question all of us should be asking. It can be easy to fall in to a lull of always opting for economy class plane tickets, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice. We all have different needs. If you find you can put up with a lesser flight experience, economy may be for you. Those of us whom it’s starting to wear on should explore taking business class flights to Norway

Norway Airports and Business Class Lounges

Norway’s largest airport is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, followed by Bergen Airport, Flesland. Those who take business class flights to Norway are likely to fly into Oslo’s airport. These passengers will also have access to the business class lounges located in Norway’s airports. In these exclusive spaces, travelers will experience perks unique to the rest of the airport. With entertainment and comfort being a priority, you’ll never feel unhappy in the business class lounge. Maybe if you stub your toe on one of the luxurious couches, you’ll feel unhappy, but don’t blame the furniture for your own clumsiness. These lounges are also home to complimentary showers, so you don’t have to wait to reach your hotel to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Whatever it is you need while at the airport, there’s a good chance these business class lounges will have you covered.


Things To Do In Norway

Whatever you do in Norway, you’ll want to explore its natural beauty. Simply put, Norway is one of the most spectacular looking countries on the planet. Glaring down into one of Norway’s famous fjords is just the tip of the iceberg. Pun intended, because this country is also home to some of the most spectacular icebergs in the world. As you look up at these behemoth chunks of ice, your own existence will be put into perspective. Elsewhere, you’ll bear witness to unbelievably picturesque mountains that rise from the sea like the great waves of a tsunami. If you’re craving adventure, Norway has you covered. With some of the best hiking trails in the world, you’ll be surrounded by landscapes that will make you have to pinch yourself. In the winter months, enjoy dogsledding, snowmobiling, or skiing. Norway truly does become a winter wonderland; so don’t be scared to travel during its colder months. Just make sure you have a proper winter coat, gloves, and a warm hat. It does get frigid.

If nature isn’t your thing, you’ll find all the urban life you could wish for in the capital city of Oslo. On the cutting edge of modern cuisine, Oslo’s chefs have really turned around its culinary reputation. Oslo restaurant, Maaemo holds the distinction of being the most northern restaurant in the world with a rating of 3 Michelin stars. These days, you can find every type of food, done to perfection, in this capital city. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, sushi, hot dogs, or seafood, you’ll find it here. When you’re done eating, hit the town to enjoy Oslo’s humming nightlife. With a wide array of bars and clubs that have an edgier feel than the rest of Europe, you might need to schedule a sleep-in for the day after you party in Oslo.

If you’re feeling a little too old for the party scene, the Oslo Opera House might be more up your alley. Having cost around 500 Euros to build, this dazzling venue opened in 2008. While the Opera House features world-class opera and ballet exhibits, guided tours are given daily, so you can skip the singing, if that’s not your thing. If you have a few hours to spare, take a thorough look around, but if you’re in a rush, be sure to check out the roof. Made from luxurious marble, the roof will astound you. While you’re at it, take in an incredible view of this charming Northern European metropolis.

Getting Around Norway

When taking business class flights to Norway, the best way to get from the airport to the city center is by one of the many public bus systems that run throughout the country. If you’d prefer a taxi, one can be hailed or telephoned, but remember that the meter starts once you call them, rather than when they pick you up. Another thing to remember when taking a taxi is that they charge a fare hike on evenings and weekends, unlike most cabs in the United States. Be especially careful on holidays when the fare can increase by up to 45%. Trains traveling within Norway are superbly clean, and extremely efficient, though they can be limited in destinations. If you’re looking to trek to one of the country’s islands, there are ferries at the ready for such occasions.

Norway is a different kind of vacation spot, and that should be exactly what you want. Every Debbie at the office has been to Paris, France, but how many can say they’ve explored Norway? We’re guessing not many. If you do take the leap over to this spectacular nation, it could be worth it to take business class flights to Norway. Have a great trip!

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