Business Class Flights to Greece

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Business Class Flights To Greece

So you want to go to Greece. You can hear the Mediterranean Sea calling your name. You can taste the delicious chicken souvlaki, already. Yes, many of us have had the urge to pack up and head for beautiful Greece. Those who have been, know that there’s nowhere as relaxing, picturesque and fascinating than the cradle of civilization. Lying by the beach while the sea whispers sweet nothings in your ear, is just one of the ways to pass your time in stunning Greece. And your time is valuable, so you better fill it with only the most sublime activities. Whether you’re traveling to this wondrous nation to relax or explore, you should take a gander at business class flights to Greece. Flying to Europe is no quick jaunt. It’s a long time to spend in the air, but flying business class can really take the edge off. In business class you won’t have to worry about the guy behind you kicking the back of your seat, because he doesn’t have enough space for his legs. You won’t have to worry about spilling your neighbor’s drink, when you flip their tray over on the way to the restroom. No, you can put all those worries behind you. It’s time for you to sit back and relax. This flight won’t be about anything other than imagining all the feta cheese and olives you’re about to partake in.

Greece Airports and Business Class Lounges

When taking business class flights to Greece, you’re most likely to fly into Athens International Airport. Greece’s next largest airports are Thessaloniki International Airport, and Mytilene International Airport. Upon arrival, those who take business class flights to Greece will be granted entrance to the airport’s business class lounges. Enjoy a movie on the televisions, or get engrossed in a videogame. Feeling a bit sticky from your flight? Enjoy one of the complimentary showers. Maybe you’d like to unwind a bit, enjoy a massage in the spa. Of course, there are those of us who aren’t in Greece for pleasure, but rather for business. Good thing the business class lounge sports a fully operational business center. Be prepared for whatever your Greek business partners throw at you, by reviewing your documents in this quiet place of work. It doesn’t matter why you’re there, what matters is that you’ll be taken care of, in every little way.


Things To Do In Greece

Whatever your ambitions for your trip are, there’s one site that cannot be missed: the Acropolis. Believed by scholars all over the world as one of the most important ancient sites on Earth, the acropolis will leave you with your mouth agape. Highlighted by the Parthenon, the Acropolis can be seen from almost any part of Athens. Its monuments, made from white Pentelic marble, are reminders of just how skilled these ancient craftsmen were. As amazing as this site is, just imagine how much more magical it was before it was reduced to ruins. Spring for the combined ticket which allows you entry to the Acropolis as well as six other attractions.

Athens isn’t the only city in Greece worth visiting. The incredible city of Thessaloniki is a chaotic and beautiful town known for its show-stopping cuisine and breathtaking views of the sea. When in Thessaloniki, make your way over to the Archaeological Museum. Almost all of Macedonia’s major archaeological finds can be seen in this must-visit museum. A permanent exhibit dealing in Pre-Historic Thessaloniki is a museum highlight. Ancient artifacts found in the Petralona Cave, just north of Halkidiki, are featured. These tools and weapons are very old! They probably wouldn’t work very well anymore. But you know what they are good for? Looking at. So head over to the Archaeological Museum and just stare. You won’t believe how much fun it can be.

You’ve likely built up an appetite after all that looking and staring. Take a trip over to Sempriko, one of Thessaloniki’s best restaurants. If you want to know what Greek cuisine is all about, Sempriko will enlighten you. This divine eatery’s salads and seafood will give you the fuel you need to keep exploring the city. Perhaps you’re feeling like something more substantial. Enjoy a steak marinated in truffle oil. We know what you’re thinking, is this Greece or heaven? Well, you could say that it’s both.

Getting Around Greece

Most people, when taking business class flights to Greece will land in Athens, and trip around from there. Having more than 3,000 islands, boats are a necessity. In Greece, the ferry is king. An extravagant network of ferries will take you to whichever island you desire. There are also ferries that will ship you to nearby Turkey or Italy. Though ferries are a common way of travel in Greece, schedules can change quickly due to rough seas, and other complications. Always check the online schedule the night before, for possible changes. If you’re planning on taking a catamaran or hydrofoil, book your ticket in advance, as they fill up quickly. Buses are a good way to get around when travelling inland. The buses are run by the government organization, Ktel. They’re known for being clean, efficient, and reasonably priced. The trains of Greece may leave something to be desired. They aren’t disgusting, but they also aren’t very clean. On top of that, they tend not to run on time. The trade off is that they’re inexpensive. Depending on how confident and skilled a driver you are, you may want to consider renting a car. The roads can be treacherous, as they wind their ways around giant cliffs. Furthermore, you may have trouble finding a rental with automatic transmission, so be prepared to work a stick shift.

Enjoy Greece in all its ancient glory. Marvel upon one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes known to humankind. When you do, know that you can truly appreciate it, because you took business class flights to Greece, so your body is in good shape, and your brain is quick as a whip. Safe travels!

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