Business Class Flights to Finland

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Business Class Flights To Finland

Bigger is not always better. That’s never been more on display than when looking at the very cool country of Finland. With vast expanses of unkempt nature, this Scandinavian destination is an outdoorsman’s dream. Finland isn’t all forests and fishing though. It’s also known for its groundbreaking fashion, hip bars, and innovative restaurants. If you’re considering taking a trip to this Northern European gem, we suggest you look into taking business class flights to Finland. Flying anywhere in Europe takes a while, so being relaxed on your flight can make a huge difference. We all know it costs more to fly business class, but it’s important to think about how you want to feel upon reaching your destination. With perks like more legroom, better snacks and better headphones, your flight across the ocean will be a delight, rather than an unbearable slog.

Finland Airports and Business Class Lounges

Finland’s largest airport is Helsinki Airport located in the capital city. The next largest is the Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. Being a small country, most travelers who take business class flights to Finland, will land at Helsinki Airport. Upon arrival, these passengers will have access to the airport’s business class lounges. The perks available to you at these exclusive lounges will feel like a big hug, to weary travelers. If you’re a fan of having a nice, long rest in a big leather chair, you’re going to absolutely adore these special lounges. Do you have a big business meeting in Helsinki? Lucky for you, access to a business center will be granted to you. Go over your talking points, and brush up on Finnish customs, so you can get that big account. Not a businessperson, but need to print out directions to your hotel? No problem. You too are allowed to use the computers and printers. Once you’re done with that, log onto the Wi-Fi, and check out what all your friends are up to, back at home on your social networking platforms. For this reason and so many more, it just makes sense to take business class flights to Finland.


Things To Do In Finland

Whether visiting in the summer or winter, there’s no shortage of things to do in Finland. In the summer, check out Urho Kekkonen National Park. Home to 253,800 acres of protected forest, this incredible park is home to a plethora of intriguing wildlife. A thrill for any animal lover, on any given day, visitors could see a wolverine, bear, or golden eagle. And chances are, you’ll definitely see one of the region’s thousands of reindeer. This place would be a perfect spot for Santa Clause to pick up a few extra helpers.

Once you’ve had your fill of nature, make your way to Helsinki, the quirky capital city of Finland. Head over to Suomenlinna, the ‘fortress of Finand’, Built by the Swedes in the 18th century. Surveying the fortress walls of this Unesco heritage site is an attraction itself. There’s much more to do here, though. Museums, former bunkers, and even a World War II submarine can be seen at this stunning attraction.

Next, check out Anteneum, Finland’s world-renowned art museum. If you’re curious about Finnish art, this is the place for you. Housing a vast collection of works by the country’s best and brightest artists, you’ll find a new appreciation for the creativity of the Finns. Sculptures and paintings spanning from the late 19th century to the 1950s are featured at Anteneum. Such artists as Hugo Simberg, Helene Schjerfbeck, and Pekka Halonen have works displayed in this illustrious museum. Once you’ve been to Anteneum, you’re going to want to decorate your home in Finnish art, and only Finnish art.

Hungry yet? Make your way over to Olo. Sporting a Michelin star, this superb restaurant is giving a new name to Finnish cooking. Located in a 19th century mansion straddling the harbor, you could enjoy Olo even if the food weren’t mind blowing. Using molecular gastronomy, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill hamburger joint. This is food that you’ll be telling your friends and co-workers about for years to come. Specialties like Arctic crab, and fermented cucumber may not sound like your idea of Saturday night dinner, but your taste buds will be thanking you all the way home. If you plan on eating at Olo, make sure to make reservations. A table at this modern wonder is in high demand.

Getting Around Finland

The only trains and metro you’ll find in Finland are located in Helsinki. However, all other cities and towns have buses to move you around. Taking a taxi in Finland is a great way to get around, due to their low cost. You can get a taxi by phoning for one, flagging one down, or booking online. Be aware that the price for a cab goes up slightly on nights and weekends.

To travel is to grow, and learn. When we explore a new land, our minds expand. We get to know a side of ourselves we’ve never known before. Never will this be truer than when visiting the incredible country of Finland. Go during their short summer season and romp through the wilderness, or visit in the winter and hit the ski slopes. If your visit does land in the colder months, be sure to bring a warm coat, gloves, boots, and warm hat. You wouldn’t want to go all the way to Scandinavia just to become a human popsicle! And if you do decide to travel to this small, but remarkable country, make sure to look at business class flights to Finland. We’ve all taken flights that were less than comfortable, to put it lightly. While economy flights may be the cheaper route, most of us don’t think about the ill effects that we endure from sitting in a cramped seat. Arriving at your vacation destination as a crumpled ball can ruin your trip. That’s why business class flights to Finland are often the only way that makes sense.

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