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Business Class Flights To St. Petersburg

With over 200 museums, 4000 landmarks, and countless galleries, cinemas, theaters, and cultural establishments, Russia’s ‘Venice of the North’ is exceptional in every way. Every trip to St. Petersburg is destined to be amazing and unforgettable. Experienced travelers know that the best way to make the most of their trip to this awe-inspiring city is to buy business class flights to St. Petersburg. Have the most enjoyable flight possible, with room to stretch out and get some rest on your flight, while being treated to the most sumptuous meals, premium drinks, thoughtful service, and more. Travel in style and luxury, and create lasting memories of this Russian crown jewel to treasure for a lifetime.

Recently sold business class flights to St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg
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St. Petersburg
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Fares are TOTAL, starting prices, round trip, per traveler, including taxes and fees. One way flights are up to 50% less. Prices are subject to change and depend on availability at time of booking. No fare can be guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

St. Petersburg Airport and Business Class Lounge

Travelers on business class flights to St. Petersburg will arrive at the Pulkova Airport, 14 miles south of the historic city center. Holders of premium tickets adore the exclusive access to business class lounges before and after their flights. Escape from the stressful main terminal and recharge in the serene and convenient facilities. Enjoy the complimentary drinks, fresh meals, snacks, and all the premium services you could ever hope for. Recline in large, comfortable chairs as you peruse the wide selection of entertainment options or browse the web. For those traveling for work, take advantage of the business centers and achieve maximum productivity in the airport.


Things To Do In St. Petersburg

The old city center of St. Petersburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is a veritable treasure trove for sightseers. A visit to the State Hermitage Museum is an absolute essential. Founded in 1754 by Catherine the Great, it is the largest museum in the world, and contains over three million items and the largest collection of paintings on the planet. You could literally spend days in the Hermitage. The museum consists of five stunning buildings situated along the Dvortsovaya nab: the Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Large Hermitage, New Hermitage, and Hermitage Theater. It is also recommended to take a guided tour of the Hermitage Storage Facility. Call ahead to book an English-language tour.

Across the Neva River stands the Peter and Paul Fortress. The main attraction of this site is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the resting place of the Romanov Tsars. There are also several museums here, and there is an amazing view from the top of the fortress walls. Close to the Peter and Paul Fortress is the Museum of Artillery, Combat Engineers, and Signal Troops, which features an enormous collection of weapons that spans centuries. The Russian Museum is another must-see, where you can view the country’s largest Russian art collection, housed in the stately Mikhailovsky Palace. The adjoining Mikhailovsky Gardens are worth seeing, as well, with their lovely wrought-iron gates. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is one of the city’s most iconic buildings, with its bright and intricately decorated onion domes and façade. Our-Lady-of-Kazan Cathedral and Saint Isaac’s Cathedral are also major attractions for tourists.

The Street Art Museum is worthwhile for its vast and varied collection of murals and mixed media installations. The exhibitions here change every year. The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art specializes in Russian art. Visit the Kunstkamera, the oldest state museum in Russia, best known for its sometimes-controversial collection of trinkets and oddities from all over the world. Don’t miss the impressive Academy of the Arts and the ancient Theban Sphinxes across the road. The Zoological Museum contains an astonishing array of taxidermied animals and fossils, including a complete blue whale skeleton and the world’s only stuffed mammoth. The magnificent Fabergé Museum contains the world’s largest collection of pre-revolutionary pieces produced by the famous jewelry firm, including 9 of the renowned Easter eggs.

With so many incredible attractions, it’s important to stay fueled up, so it’s lucky that there is a lot of delicious food to eat in St. Petersburg! Try local specialties like pelmeny, blini solyanka, borscht, beef stroganoff, and piroski. Some excellent establishments that serve exemplary Russian meals include Severyanin, Russky Dvor, Chekhov, Yat, Cococo, Restoran, Gogol, and Mechta Molokhovets. Beer is more of a specialty than vodka in St. Petersburg, and its bars are known to have some of the best selections in the country. Try Beer Boutique 1516, Top Hops, or Craft Brew Café. If you’re more interested in imbibing a fancy cocktail, try Borodabar, Apotheke Bar, or Kabinet.


Getting Around St. Petersburg

There are many guided and self-guided walking tours available in St. Petersburg, and these are arguably the best way to get to know this fascinating city! Why not take a tour led by a local who has lived in the city for years, and who knows all the good ‘secret’ spots that you might miss as a tourist? There are also canal tours, which are an excellent way to see the city in the summertime. St. Petersburg has a good metro system, which is an inexpensive and fast way of getting around the metropolis, and the beautiful stations themselves are considered tourist attractions. Buses, trolleybuses, and trams are also plentiful. There are many taxis, but they can be risky for tourists, and are not recommended for lone travelers. Most cab drivers don’t speak English. Rideshare apps are a safer and less expensive option; the drivers still don’t usually speak English, but the fare and destination are already handled through the app so communication is less of an issue.

Wise travelers always choose business class flights to St. Petersburg, whether they are traveling for business or for pleasure. Why compromise on comfort and convenience? There is so much to explore in this cultural capital, and the luxurious amenities and services provided with business class tickets ensure that you will have the best time possible when you arrive.

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