Business Class Flights to Portugal

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Business Class Flights To Portugal

Few countries are known for their ephemeral beauty as much as the breathtaking nation of Portugal. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal will satisfy any water related desire you may have. From mind blowing seafood, to thrilling skidoo adventures, this country will have you wanting to come back over and over again. With a people as warm as the climate, you’ll always feel welcome and taken care of when visiting stunning Portugal. If you want to feel the same way while headed over there, consider taking business class flights to Portugal. We all know that business class flights cost a little more, but by booking early and keeping your eye out for deals, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Once you’re on a business class flight, you’ll realize that you’ve never experienced such attentive service while flying. It’s certainly in the airline’s best interest to keep business class passengers happy, so you won’t have to worry about feeling neglected. Whichever way you go, you’ll love Portugal. Its shimmering bright blue water beaches are second to none. But if you want to arrive feeling like the journey was almost as pleasant as the destination, look into business class flights to Portugal.

Portugal Airports and Business Class Lounges

Lisbon Portela Airport is the busiest airport in the country. Located in the capital city, Lisbon Airport is likely your destination when taking business class flights to Portugal. Next busiest are Porto Airport, and Faro Airport. Business class passengers have access to the business class lounges of Portugal’s airports. If you’ve never been in a business class lounge, I’m sorry to inform you that you’ve been missing out. Lucky for you, it’s not too late. In these exclusive lounges, you’ll be pampered the way you deserve. If you’re feeling like you could use a quick wash after a long flight, complimentary showers await you. Perhaps you enjoy a fine wine while waiting for your aircraft to arrive. The business class lounge has you covered with a more than satisfactory selection of reds and whites. Maybe you’re a videogame fan. Portugal’s business class lounges have been known to carry top of the line gaming systems, connected to state of the art flat screen televisions. As you can tell, we could go on and on about business class lounges, but let’s focus a bit more on Portugal.


Things To Do In Portugal

There’s so much to see, and bask in when visiting wonderful Portugal, so let’s start in the capital city of Lisbon. A must-see for any avid traveler, this coastal paradise is even more beautiful in person than in pictures. And once you see it for yourself, you’ll realize why there are so many pictures taken of it. Speaking of pictures, we suggest you start in the picturesque neighborhood of Alfama. This unchanging, residential neighborhood will give you a feel for old Lisbon. Once inhabited by the Moors, Alfama feels like an old Portuguese village, more than a major metropolis. Wind your way through its narrow back streets, and duck into one of its small shops. If you’re a fan of smoked fish, you’ll find it by the barrel. As one of the hand full of districts not to be taken down by Portugal’s 1755 earthquake, Alfama will transport you to the Europe of the past. You may feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb while you traverse this village-like neighborhood, but don’t worry, the people of Lisbon are very friendly.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite exploring, head over to Michelin-starred restaurant, Feitoria. Serving classic Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist. From bread and olive oil to cheese and meat, Feitoria makes seemingly ordinary food, otherworldly. If you’re looking for a souvenir to take home with you, try the tasting menu, and receive a menu signed by the chef himself.

After you’ve spent some time in Lisbon (hopefully a lot of time), make your way to the incredible city of Porto. This medieval port town is the kind of place you can’t even picture in your dreams. Located on the Rio Douro, Porto is a city of romance. There’s nothing better in the world than sipping a glass of Portugal’s famous Vinho Verde with a loved one as the sunset engulfs the sky. Behind the elegance, Porto is also known for its phenomenal street art. Take a tour of the alleyways, where talented taggers have brought life to ancient, crumbling walls with their spray-paint. Seeing this side of Porto will remind you that art never stops, and that the new can be just as beautiful as the old.

Getting Around Portugal

When taking business class flights to Portugal, you may be tempted to take a taxi into the hubs of the cities. Don’t resist this temptation; the taxis in Portugal are a fair price. You may hail one, or call one for a small surcharge. Flat fares can be negotiated, though we recommend that you stick to the meter, to avoid getting fleeced. In the bigger cities, like Porto or Lisbon, taxis marked with a ‘T’ are meant specifically for tourists. Known as turismo taxis, these cars cost a little more to take, but have drivers whom are guaranteed to speak English. The train system in Portugal is extensive, and reasonably priced. Train passes ranging from one-day passes, to monthly passes are readily available. These passes can be purchased online or at any major train station. Both Lisbon and Porto feature trams that are a joy to explore these respective cities in.

Rising out of the powerful Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a wonder of the world. This bohemian yet traditional country can be whatever you want it to be. If it’s a slice of the old world you crave, Portugal’s cobblestone roads will be ready to greet you. If modern art is your forte, Portugal will not disappoint. Another thing that won’t disappoint is taking business class flights to Portugal, so that you arrive with the verve that this country demands.

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