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Business Class Flights to Guangzhou

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Business Class Flights To Guangzhou

The city formerly known to Westerners as Canton is one of China’s busiest urban centers and a top destination for travelers to Southern China. The cosmopolitan flair and rich history have a knack for charming everyone who is lucky enough to visit this vast, exciting city. Discerning travelers agree that the best way to get there is by purchasing business class flights to Guangzhou. Relax in the spacious airplane seating while enjoying wonderful in-flight meals and exceptionally attentive service. When you touch down, you’ll be feeling energized and ready to make the best of your time visiting this fantastic metropolis.

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Guangzhou Airport and Business Class Lounge

The main airport of Guangzhou and the surrounding area is the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Located approximately 23 miles north of the city center, it is China’s third busiest airport and the main gateway for international travelers headed to the southern regions of the country. Access to business class lounges at the airport is one of the many wonderful perks of taking business class flights to Guangzhou. Escape into the peaceful privacy of the exclusive lounges and take a moment to relax before or after your long haul flight. Whether you are working for business or for pleasure, you’ll find everything you need here. Help yourself to delicious food and drink, relax in a day bed or massage chair, and peruse the selection of entertainment options provided. Those who are traveling for business may wish to take advantage of the peace and quiet afforded to them in the lounge, and get some extra work done during their stay at the airport. Private meeting facilities and practical business centers complete with printers, computers, and discreet cubicles ensure maximum productivity.


Things To Do In Guangzhou

If there is only one stop that you make in town after arriving on business class flights to Guangzhou, make sure that it’s the Guangxiao Temple, also known as the Bright Filial Piety Temple, in the Yuexiu district. This is the oldest Buddhist temple in the city, and it is one of the oldest buildings in all of Southern China. This is a popular pilgrimage site for Zen Buddhists, and it is especially notable for its breathtaking Buddha statues. Only a short metro ride away, the picturesque Shamian Island is another fascinating part of the city. Here, you can see the heavy influence of European and American architecture, fusing in a unique way with traditional Chinese motifs. For centuries, this was the only part of China in which foreigners were allowed to live. Nearby, the Qing Ping Herbal Medicine Market is an interesting place for those who are interested in Chinese Traditional Medicine.

The Chen Clan Academy, or Ancestral Hall, is another top destination for visitors to Guanghzou. Built in 1894 to serve as an ancestral shrine, Confucian school, and chamber of commerce, the ornate carvings and ceramic details of the nine halls and surrounding infrastructure never cease to amaze visitors. The Mausoleum of Nányuè King is considered one of the best museums in China, where you can see the 2000-year-old tomb of Nanyue King Zhao Mo, who ruled between 137 and 122 BC. The New Guǎngdōng Museum is another excellent museum featuring an extensive display of local history, Cantonese art, literature, and architecture. The Guǎngdōng Museum of Art is also worthwhile for its enormous collection of Chinese works, which spans centuries. Be sure to head to the UNESCO-listed Yúyìn Mountain Villa and its famous classical gardens, built in 1871.

Guangzhou is the birthplace of the world-famous Cantonese cuisine, so no trip to Guangzhou would be complete without trying the local gastronomic delicacies. In fact, cuisine is sometimes the main reason that people travel on business class flights to Guangzhou in the first place! Perhaps no Cantonese dish is more popular than dim sum, those delicious steamed or friend dumplings that are served as a snack or a main course, the varieties of which are too numerous to list. Another dish not to be missed is kao ru zhu, roasted whole suckling pig. Long hu dou is another Cantonese specialty that is especially difficult to find anywhere outside of China, and is therefore worth seeking out.


Getting Around Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a large cosmopolitan city that has an excellent, comprehensive public transit system that consists of a subway, buses, and trains. If you are staying in Guangzhou for an extended period of time, it is wise to acquire a Yang Cheng Tong Card, which allows for convenient transfer between buses, taxis, the subway, and ferries, and can even be used as payment at some convenience stores. The subway is the fastest way to get around the city center, and tickets can be purchased from machines. The subway has English translations of signs and maps at most of the stations. Taxis are a good option to get around, but most of the drivers don’t speak English. Be sure to carry a business card of your destination with its address. Alternatively, have the driver take you to the nearest landmark or intersection. The cabs are metered, and you should make sure to get a receipt after the trip in case there is a discrepancy. Driving isn’t recommended in Guangzhou due to multiple factors, including heavy traffic, signage that is rarely translated into English, and sometimes dramatically different road rules to those of Western cities. Visitors who want to drive here will need to acquire a special license. Scooters and bicycles can be rented, but neither is recommended for visitors, again, due to the traffic. Scooters are banned from the city center, and cyclists are forbidden from using major roads, as well as the tunnels or bridges that cross the river.

Nothing beats the exceptional quality and convenience of traveling in business class. Fly in the utmost comfort, with top-notch services, meals, and more, and book the trip of a lifetime when you purchase business class flights to Guangzhou. You are guaranteed to arrive feeling your best, so that you can spend quality time in this world-class city, whether you are traveling to Guangzhou for work or for pleasure.

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