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Business Class Flights to Dubrovnik

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Business Class Flights To Dubrovnik

Dubbed “the pearl of the Adriatic” by George Bernard Shaw after visiting this fair city, Dubrovnik is one of the top tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik,” continued Shaw. How could anyone resist such an enticing description of this beautiful renaissance city? By purchasing business class flights to Dubrovnik you’ll know that from the moment you book your premium tickets, you are about to embark on an incredible trip. Savvy travelers agree that the phenomenal service, extra comfort and luxurious cuisine will always guarantee the experience of a lifetime.

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Dubrovnik Airport and Business Class Lounge

Dubrovnik Airport, also known as the Čilipi Airport due to its proximity to the village of Čilipi, is located 9.5 miles from the Dubrovnik city center. This airport is a major destination for leisure flights to Croatia in the European summer season. By traveling on business class flights to Dubrovnik, you get to enjoy a respite from the hustle and bustle of the main airport. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, make the most of your trip in the business class lounge while perhaps sipping on a cool drink provided at the bar and enjoying all the fantastic amenities offered to you, including free Wi-Fi and a wide range of television shows, magazines, and books to entertain you as you relax.


Things To Do In Dubrovnik

When you arrive after your business class flights to Dubrovnik, you will certainly want to explore the historic Old Town - a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979 - and linger on its charming main street, Stradun. Look for Onofrio’s Large Fountain, the Orlando Column and baroque Church of St. Blaise. For a panoramic glimpse of the city, head for the Dubrovnik Cable Car, one of the city’s most popular attractions. The original cable car was unfortunately destroyed in the 1990s, but since 2010 it has been fully restored. A journey to the top of Mount Srd takes 3 minutes and once you’re there, you can relax at a café or restaurant at the top and enjoy the view.

When you enter the Old Town, it will likely be through the western Pile Gate, which contains a statue of St. Blaise, the patron saint of this charming city. The Old Town walls themselves are from the 10th century. There are fortresses you can see at each corner of the Old Town: Minceta Tower, Revelin Fortress, St. John’s Fortress, and Bokar Bastion. You can traverse all of these for even more spectacular views of the city and coastal area.

Dubrovnik is home to the world’s oldest arboretum, Arboretum Trsteno. It is also home to the oldest pharmacy still in operation today, The Old Pharmacy, dating from 1317, which can be found in the glorious Franciscan Monastery. Also worth visiting is the Sponza Palace. This is one of only a few of the city’s Renaissance buildings that survived an earthquake that occurred in 1667. The palace, like the rest of Dubrovnik, has a fascinating history that has seen the building serve many different functions, from customs office, to mint, bank, and school. Now it serves as the city archives upstairs, and a permanent exhibition known as the ‘Memorial Room of the Dubrovnik Defenders’, in memory of those who lost their lives defending the city in the war between 1991-1995.

There are many museums in Dubrovnik, so if you are planning on visiting a lot of them, it is worthwhile to purchase a Dubrovnik Card. This card grants the holder entry into many of the museums as well as allowing for free use of the public bus system. A highlight is the Museum of the Croatian War of Independence, which focuses on the city’s self-defense during the 1991-95 war, and is housed in Fort Imperijal, built while the city was under the control of the French in the early 19th century.

If history isn’t your thing, there are many beaches you can visit while in Dubrovnik. Tourists often go to the Banje beach due to its proximity to the Old Town, and Buza beach for the charming cliff bars, but other options favored by the locals include trips to the islands of Lokrum and Lopud, or the Lapad peninsula for their fix of sunshine, swimming, and sun-tanning. You can’t miss the souvenir shops lining Stradun, but north and south of the street you can find some more trendy and less touristy shops. At Lega-lega, you can find some unique t-shirts, souvenirs and gifts. Dubrovacka luca is the place to find Croatian spirits, wines, ceramics, sweets and more. Atelier Secret features locally made jewelry, including special necklaces made from red Adriatic coral. Don’t miss out on buying fresh fish and produce directly from the farmers and fishermen at one of the many open-air markets, such as Gruz market, Lapad market, and Gundulic Square.

Seafood is the most prevalent cuisine in Dubrovnik, and Proto is one of its most famous restaurants. Other great options are Poklisar, close to the Old Town harbor, Dubravka 1836, near the Pile Gate, and Lokanda Peskarija, nested under the city walls. Be sure to treat yourself after a long day of sightseeing with a refreshing slasticarna from one of the many highly-visible ice cream shops found all over Dubrovnik.


Getting Around Dubrovnik

Old Town Dubrovnik is car-free, so driving isn’t an option. Even beyond the Old Town, parking is scarce and expensive. If you are planning to drive, also be aware that many of the streets are one-way. The best way of getting around is definitely walking. It takes less than 1.5 hours to walk from the Old Town to the end of the Lapad peninsula. There is also a good bus service that runs most of the day except for a few hours in the early morning, and taxis are available as well.

Make the most of your trip to this beautiful piece of paradise and have an unforgettable time when you book business class flights to Dubrovnik. You will be guaranteed that your time spent traveling is enjoyable, relaxing and efficient. Fine dining in the airport lounge, spacious and comfortable seating on the plane, and excellent customer service all ensure you arrive feeling your best. Once you have reserved your business class flights to Dubrovnik, you can prepare yourself knowing you are about to have an unforgettable trip to this fabulous destination.

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