Japan-Airlines Business Class Flights

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Japan Airlines Business Class Flights

Japan Airlines is the second largest airline in Japan, with main hubs at Tokyo Narita International Airport, Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Osaka Kansai International Airport, and Osaka International Airport. It is the flag carrier airline of Japan, and first commenced operations in 1951. After merging with Japan Air System in 2002, the airline became the sixth largest in the world in terms of passengers carried. The company transports over 40 million passengers annually and has a fleet consisting of 227 aircraft. Japan Airlines operates routes to 344 airports in 56 countries and regions, with over 900 flights per day. It is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance. The airline is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions, including a 4-star Skytrax rating, and appearing in the Skytrax Top 20 Airlines list. Other honors have included ‘Best Airline in Japan 2017’ by TripAdvisor, the Cellars in the Sky Gold Medal for in-flight wine in 2017, and the FlightStats award for ‘Best Asia-Pacific Major Airline’ for consistent performance and efficient service in 2017. Travelers on Japan Airlines business class flights can rely on exemplary services from this company every time, in addition to a multitude of wonderful perks that include pre-boarding, express security lanes, and extra checked and carry-on baggage allowances.

The Japan Airlines passenger fleet consists of an all-Boeing range of narrow- and wide-body aircraft. The Boeing 737-800 is the primary narrow-body aircraft, with 50 in the fleet, and the Boeing 767-300ER is the primary wide-body jet, with a fleet count of 32. The airline also includes Boeing 767-300s, 777-200s, 777- 200ERs, 777-300s, 777-300ERs, and 787-9s. Plans are in place as of 2017 to replace the Boeing 777 fleet with Airbus A350s in the near future. Japan Airlines operates 8 non-stop routes to the United States, which go to Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, and New York. There are 5 non-stop routes to Europe that include London, Paris, Frankfurt, Helsinki, and Moscow. Japan Airlines routes to Asia go to Delhi, Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Seoul, Busan, and Hong Kong. The airline also provides routes to Guam and Sydney. Japan Airlines is constantly improving its service and expanding its network.

New York
Business Class $2,335
San Francisco
Business Class $2,343
Los Angeles
Business Class $2,348
Business Class $2,395
Business Class $2,379
Business Class $2,410
Business Class $2,387
Business Class $2,397
Business Class $2,408
Fares are TOTAL, starting prices, round trip, per traveler, including taxes and fees. One way flights are up to 50% less. Prices are subject to change and depend on availability at time of booking. No fare can be guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

There are 7 types of seating designs on various Japan Airlines business class flights. The JAL Sky Suite seat, which is offered on certain Boeing 777 and 787 flights, won the Skytrax ‘Best Business Class Airline Seat’ award in 2013. It features fully flat seat-beds with ample legroom, all in a private space complete with partitions that afford passengers a sense of complete solitude. The seats are equipped with state-of- the-art Airwave mattresses and pillows, ensuring perfect firmness. An innovative 2-3- 2 or 2-2- 2 alternating layout ensures each seat has aisle access, so travelers never have to step over one another in the middle of long overnight flights. Each seat is also equipped with its very own 23-inch LCD monitor, a large swivel table, luxurious amounts of storage space, liquid-crystal touch panel controllers, overhead shelves, a side table, monitor table, USB port, video input, and AC power outlet. JAL Sky Suite II seats are available on Boeing 767 flights and feature a 1-2- 1 configuration with enhanced privacy and aisle access, fully flat seat-beds, large side tables and meal tables, convenient storage, USB ports, video inputs, and AC power outlets, 15.4-inch touchscreen monitors and 4-step adjustable reading lights. JAL Sky Suite III seats, on some other Boeing 777 and 787 flights, feature a 1-2- 1 reverse-herringbone seat configuration. Fully adjustable seats that flatten into comfortable beds are equipped with 17-inch screens, large movable tables, armrests, and privacy dividers, USB ports, video inputs, and AC power outlets. Short haul Japan Airlines business class flights are also equipped with the most comfortable and modern seats that recline into near-flat beds at the touch of a button, with handy storage, large 15.4-inch high-definition screens, power outlets, and more. Business class travelers on flights to and from Japan are each provided with a ZERO HALLIBURTON amenity kit. These luxurious kits are packaged in soft and semi-hard cases in different colors according to the season and are filled with luxurious lip creams, moisture masks, earplugs, eye masks, tissues, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers.


Travelers on Japan Airlines business class flights enjoy the unequivocally delicious meals provided by the airline’s famous BEDD flying restaurant. When it comes to food, this airline subscribes to a concept of ‘care-free Dining with Delicious foods and Dream-like comfort’. Patrons are offered the choice between Japanese and Western menus. The Japanese menu is curated by Jun Kurogi, the owner and main chef of the renowned Kurogi restaurant in Yushima; the Western menu is designed by owner-chef Chikara Yamada of the pioneering fusion restaurant Yamada Chikara. The airline also features phenomenal route- specific meals on certain flights arriving in or departing from Japan, including JAL regional rice bowls that feature unique interpretations of the destination’s cuisine, and meals designed by Fumiko Kono of the three-starred Michelin restaurant Arpege.

Savvy travelers who choose business class flights know that it’s not all about the airplane seats. A huge advantage to flying with premium tickets is, of course, having access to the luxurious business class lounges. Japan Airlines provides an incredible service both in the air and on the ground, and their amazing hospitality and attention to detail is extended into their lounge facilities. With amenities such as shower rooms, sleeping rooms, and massage rooms, you will be sure to spend a relaxing and revitalizing time at the airport, so by the time you are ready for the next phase of your journey, you feel refreshed and collected.

Whether you are traveling on Japan Airlines business class flights to Japan or en route to another amazing destination, you are guaranteed to have the travel experience of a lifetime. This top-rated airline never fails to impress even the most discerning flyers. Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure, you are sure to come home with lasting, wonderful memories.