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Air-China Business Class Flights

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Air China Business Class Flights

The national flag carrier airline of China, the Air China International Corporation, was established in 1988, and is a member of the world’s largest airline network, Star Alliance. It is the leading airline in China in terms of both passenger and cargo transportation. Air China’s iconic corporate logo depicts the legendary phoenix, an important mythological figure in China that symbolizes luck and happiness. Not only this, but the blazing red logo is also a bit reminiscent of the English letters ‘VIP’, which is exactly how you’ll feel when you travel on Air China business class flights. Air China’s mission statement is to ‘take on social responsibilities, have the will to succeed and enjoy flying’ and to be ‘a professional, trusted, internationally respected Chinese brand closely associated with China’. The airline’s impressive and well-trained pilots have been the recipients of numerous awards, and the company has a remarkable record for flight safety. Air China’s wonderful flight attendants have an excellent reputation for the high degree of care and courtesy with which they perform their duties.

As of the end of 2016, Air China’s fleet includes 623 passenger aircraft and freighters, primarily consisting of Boeing and Airbus planes. The company operates 378 routes, of which 102 are international, 14 regional, and 262 domestic. Air China serves 109 Chinese cities, 67 international and regional cities, and 41 countries and regions. Including its expanded presence as a Star Alliance member, Air China flies to 1330 destinations and 192 countries. In 2015 alone, 90 million domestic and international passengers flew with Air China. It was the first domestic airline in China to include fully flat-lying seats on its business class medium and long haul routes. Air China is the only national carrier in China that provides exclusive flights for Chinese leaders going on official visits abroad, and to foreign leaders traveling within the country. The airline is known for its optimum connectivity between international and domestic flights. Combined with the extensive sales network and large, loyal customer base, Air China is the premier supplier of flights for many Chinese government organizations and business.

New York
Business Class $2,229
San Francisco
Business Class $2,233
Los Angeles
Business Class $2,329
Business Class $2,237
Business Class $2,482
Business Class $2,502
Business Class $2,273
Business Class $2,283
Business Class $2,352
Fares are TOTAL, starting prices, round trip, per traveler, including taxes and fees. One way flights are up to 50% less. Prices are subject to change and depend on availability at time of booking. No fare can be guaranteed until a ticket is issued.

Air China’s network includes destinations throughout Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. Its main hubs are the Beijing Capital International Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. Some international routes also depart from Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Kunming, and Xiamen airports. Air China business class flights on Airbus A330-200 flights include 30 business class seats, with a seat pitch of 80 inches, width of 21 inches, and 180 degree maximum recline, and the Airbus A330-300 offers the same, with a slightly smaller seat pitch, and all of these business class seats flatten fully into beds. Both planes provide premium entertainment systems with 16-inch screen. Boeing 747-400 international and domestic flights include 42 business class seats that have a seat pitch of 60 inches, width of 20 inches, and 169 degree maximum recline. The flat bed seat is 70 inches long. Boeing 747-8 international flight business class seats have a seat pitch of 60 inches, width of 21 inches, and 105 degree recline. Boeing 777- 300ER international and domestic flights feature 42 business class seats with a seat pitch of 60 inches, width of 22 inches, and 180 degree maximum recline. Business class, known as ‘Capital Pavilion’ class, patrons all receive amenity kits on board that include a brush-comb, earplugs, eye mask, sanitary hand wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, cozy pajamas, and various L’Occitane beauty products. Travelers have a choice between Chinese and Western menus, both of which are top-notch and absolutely delicious, with offerings such as smoked salmon, Yuxiang beef tenderloin skewers, Chinese five-spice beef, steamed eggplant with sesame dressing, and chicken noodle soup. Throughout the flight, attendants will check in to see if there is anything else that you’d like, whether it’s a drink, snack, or an extra pillow.


Travelers on Air China business class flights get to enjoy so many benefits that come with their premium tickets, including access to Air China business class lounges, priority security clearance, and priority check-in. Business class flyers are even allowed more carry-on and checked baggage. The facilities of the business class lounge are ideal for every traveler, regardless of if they are flying for the purpose of work or if they are going on holiday. Dine on a wide selection of fine cuisine, sip on premium drinks and cocktails, or just have a light and energizing snack. Nothing compares to the soothing shower rooms, where you can decompress and refresh after a long haul flight. Shower facilities are always well stocked with fresh towels and deluxe amenities such as shampoo, soap, facial cleansers, and more. Treat yourself to a massage or one of the various spa services available, or escape reality for a little while with a TV show or film. The cell-free zones provide the ultimate in relaxation, so you can stretch out in the plush seating and take a nap in peace. Alternatively, busy jetsetters can plug into the modern business centers, featuring the latest technology and business-rate conveniences, and use their time in the airport productively.

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, Air China business class flights always provide a phenomenal experience, with excellent service both in the air and on the ground, superb safety records, and superior comfort aboard state-of- the-art aircraft. Regardless of if you are flying from the United States to an Asian destination, or merely transferring onto an outbound flight from China to another exciting part of the world, you are sure to find your experience with this airline satisfying, efficient, and one hundred percent enjoyable. When you decide to book your business class flights, be sure to seek out the help of an experienced and reputable agency that specializes in luxury travel. Such companies are afforded exclusive access to flight databases not available to the general public and therefore will be able to find you the best deals imaginable. Not only will you save so much money, but also, more importantly, you will save invaluable time and energy that is better spent planning out your dream vacation!