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Business Class Flights to Singapore

Singapore is a massive city-state in Southeast Asia, which combines elements of modern western cities with ancient culture, making it a fascinating place to visit. Commonly known as "The Garden City", Singapore is an exciting destination featuring a robust nightlife, tropical climate and incredible cuisine. Flying business class to Singapore has never been easier thanks to travel agencies that specialize in providing discounted flights. You can even find Singapore first class flights at a reasonable price these days, so purchase a discounted airline ticket and prepare yourself for a wonderful trip.

Singapore has ancient roots dating all the way back to the second century. It is said that the Srivijayan prince Sang Nila Utama first landed on the island and thought he saw a lion, thereby naming it Singapura, which is Sanskrit for "Lion City". In fact, the prince must have been mistaken as there have never been lions in Singapore, but the name remains. The modern city of Singapore began in 1819 when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles set up a trading post on the island.

There is a new wave of travel agencies that specialize in providing the cheapest business class flights to Singapore, which makes this option more affordable than ever before. You can enjoy all of the luxuries of business class lounges while waiting for your departure, which will greatly increase your enjoyment and comfort during your travel time. If you've traveled business class to Singapore in the past, you'll understand how much this choice improves your trip. For those who have never experienced this before, it's advisable to consider searching for discounted business class flights to see what a difference it will make in your relaxation and satisfaction.

Singapore is multi-cultural and, despite its relatively small size, boasts a surprisingly diverse culture. About 75% of the population are Chinese, making them the largest group, but there are many other cultural groups living in Singapore, including Malays, Indians, Filipinos, Eurasians, Burmese and Japanese. The tourist industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and there are many more travelers arriving on Singapore business class flights in recent times than ever before.

The primary Singapore business class airport is Changi Airport, which has been rated the best airport in the world by Skytrax. It is large and fast with a wide open design and incredible amenities including a swimming pool, movie theatre, butterfly garden, massage services and much more. The Changi Airport business class lounges are legendary and are a big part of the reason that the airport has received such a high international rating. Seletar Airport is a smaller facility, which is used primarily for specialized flights.

Singapore is an ideal place for sports enthusiasts, and you can find fantastic options for surfing, golfing and scuba diving throughout the region. Singapore also features many wonderful museums and galleries, which are sure to delight visitors, including the Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore, the Art Plural Gallery and many others. There was a time when Singapore had a negative international reputation as being straight-laced and conservative, but great efforts have been made to change this stereotype with terrific results. These changes, along with the increased availability of cheap business class flights to Singapore, have allowed the tourism industry to grow steadily. There is more international art to be found in Singapore now than ever before, and several world class entertainment stars have emerged from there in recent years. The annual Singapore Arts Festival guarantees incredible entertainment and artistic merit as does the internationally recognized high level of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, gambling is a popular pastime in Singapore and there are several casinos available for those who like to take risks during their vacation time.

Singapore is seen as expensive in comparison to other parts of Asia, but it remains relatively cheap compared to much of the world. There are a lot of shopping malls, which are frequented by both locals and tourists. You can find great deals on clothes, electronics, food, sporting equipment and pretty much anything else that you desire. Besides, if you've done your research and purchased discounted business class tickets to Singapore, you should have a little bit of extra money in your pocket to allow you to enjoy everything that Singapore has to offer.