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What to see in Frankfurt



Stadel Museum - Comparisons to the Louvre are common when describing the immense collection in this extraordinary museum.

Museum fuer Moderne Kunst Frankfurt - Many art enthusiasts board flights to Frankfurt to witness the unique modern works found here.

German Film Museum - Providing visitors with an overview of the history of film, it's worthwhile to take a business class flight to Frankfurt for this fascinating experience.

Senckenberg Museum - If you're choosing a flight to Frankfurt to learn more about German history, this museum is the perfect place to visit.

Liebighaus - Experience the majesty of over 5000 sculptures in this immense and beautiful collection.



Commerzbank Tower - This massive skyscraper brings in tourists from all around the world on business class flights to Frankfurt.

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers - Sometimes referred to as "debit" and "credit", these extraordinary towers are sure to delight all who visit.

Messeturm - Messeturm, also known as "Fair Tower", is an architectural marvel that is worth taking a flight to Frankfurt all on its own!

Trianon - This breathtaking skyscraper is 610 feet high and was completed in 1993.

IG Farben Building - Built between 1928-1930, many people choose to take flights to Frankfurt for their vacation to witness this glorious building up close.

Churches and Cathedrals

Churches and Cathedrals

Frankfurt Cathedral - This ancient landmark is a must-see once you arrive on your flight to Frankfurt.

St. Catherine's Church - Built in the baroque style, the stunning architecture of this church has to be seen to be believed.

Holy Cross Church - Many history buffs take business class flights to Frankfurt to see famous landmarks such as this glorious church.



Zeil - Certainly the most popular shopping area in Frankfurt, Zeil truly has something to please everyone who arrives on a flight to Frankfurt.

Goethestrabe - For those seeking elegance and haute couture, look no further than this remarkable shopping area.

Berger Strabe - This area provides visitors with unique shopping opportunities in the form of second-hand stores and funky boutiques.

Main-Taunus Centrum - If you require some American-style clothing before departing on a flight from Frankfurt, this area includes many popular stores.

NordWestZentrum - This partially enclosed shopping area has a multitude of fantastic shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

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Frankfurt climate
Frankfurt climate

Don’t forget!

  • 1

    See the city in the palm of the Main Tower

  • 2

    Visit the Goethe House

  • 3

    Touch the stories on the area Romerberg

  • 4

    Get closer to God in the Paulskirche

  • 5

    STake a stroll along the promenade of Museums (Museumsufer)

  • 6

    Become a part of trading on the Zeil shopping street. They call it "Fifth Avenue of Germany"

  • 7

    See the works of great artists in the Museum of Modern Art

  • 8

    Climb the tower Eshenhaym

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

The Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Germany, with a massive number of business class flights to Frankfurt arriving daily. Originally constructed in 1936, this elaborate facility has experienced many renovations and upgrades to prepare for its current state of operations.